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BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group

Delivering Peace of Mind in the Cryptocurrency Space



BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (CSE:BIGG, OTC:BBKCF, WKN:A2JSKG) is a technology company dedicated to delivering a suite of blockchain search and analytics solutions that monitor and analyze cryptocurrency transactions to give their clients and users peace of mind. BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG) has developed two patent-pending technologies, technologies, which are deployed through its Forensic Services division: QLUE™ and BitRank™. BIG also offers an eight-hour, five model online certification course on identifying cryptocurrency related crime to law enforcement officers. Each learning module takes up to two hours to complete and can be purchased individually or as a bundle at a reduced price.

QLUE™ was designed to trace, track and analyze suspicious cryptocurrency transactions, enabling users to ‘follow the money’ and identify the transgressor. QLUE™ is of particular interest to law enforcement agencies and regulators, as well as financial institutions. Organizations that are already on board include the US Department of Homeland Security, particularly their Illicit Finance and Proceeds Crime Unit, as well as the US Department of Justice. Additional clients in the pipeline are law enforcement agencies globally, exchanges and banks interested in the industry.

Aimed at both institutional and individual users, BitRank Verified® is a “risk scoring” service that analyzes cryptocurrency wallets. The lower the risk factor, the higher or better the score. As more and more people enter the cryptocurrency space, BitRank Verified® provides peace of mind by providing users with accurate information regarding cryptocurrency wallets. BitRank Verified® can deliver seven billion requests per month at an average of less than one second per request; is language agnostic; and can be used by any person or company in any country. It is a highly automated, highly scalable cloud solution with the ability to grow exponentially as BIG’s network and partnerships expand.

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group Highlights

  • Developer of two patent-pending technologies dedicated to tracking and analyzing cryptocurrency transactions and wallet risk
  • Providing a comprehensive suite of security/compliance services for the ever-growing cryptocurrency space and the criminal activities linked to it
  • Some customers include: Securrency (FinTech/RegTech), DataZoo, coinme, Hilltop Security (cybersecurity), SHS Viveon, Reitium, Veden
  • Einstein and QUOINE cryptocurrency exchanges are also clients
  • Provide law enforcement professionals with the knowledge needed to prevent fraud and crime with certification course
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