BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group

Delivering Peace of Mind in the Cryptocurrency Space

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BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (CSE:BIGG, OTC:BBKCF, WKN:A2JSKG) is a technology company dedicated to delivering a suite of blockchain search and analytics solutions that monitor and analyze cryptocurrency transactions to give their clients and users peace of mind. BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG) has developed two patent-pending technologies, technologies, which are deployed through its Forensic Services division: QLUE™ and BitRank™.

QLUE™ was designed to trace, track and analyze suspicious cryptocurrency transactions, enabling users to ‘follow the money’ and identify the transgressor. QLUE™ is of particular interest to law enforcement agencies and regulators, as well as financial institutions. Organizations that are already on board include the US Department of Homeland Security, particularly their Illicit Finance and Proceeds Crime Unit, as well as the US Department of Justice. Additional clients in the pipeline are law enforcement agencies globally, exchanges and banks interested in the industry.

Aimed at both institutional and individual users, BitRank Verified® is a “risk scoring” service that analyzes cryptocurrency wallets. The lower the risk factor, the higher or better the score. As more and more people enter the cryptocurrency space, BitRank Verified® provides peace of mind by providing users with accurate information regarding cryptocurrency wallets. BitRank Verified® can deliver seven billion requests per month at an average of less than one second per request; is language agnostic; and can be used by any person or company in any country. It is a highly automated, highly scalable cloud solution with the ability to grow exponentially as BIG’s network and partnerships expand.

Additionally, BIG offers an eight-hour, five model online certification course on identifying cryptocurrency related crime to law enforcement officers. Each learning module takes up to two hours to complete and can be purchased individually or as a bundle at a reduced price.

BIG’s management team leads the company through its wealth of experience in developing technologies and profitable tech companies since 1994. Management is also significantly invested in the company, holding 27 percent of shares, and is supported by at least 18 institutional investors.

Company Highlights

  • Developer of two patent-pending technologies dedicated to tracking and analyzing cryptocurrency transactions and wallet risk
  • Providing a comprehensive suite of security/compliance services for the ever-growing cryptocurrency space and the criminal activities linked to it
  • Some customers include: Securrency (FinTech/RegTech), DataZoo, coinme, Hilltop Security (cybersecurity), SHS Viveon, Reitium, Veden
  • Einstein and QUOINE cryptocurrency exchanges are also clients
  • Provide law enforcement professionals with the knowledge needed to prevent fraud and crime with certification course
  • Management team experienced in the technology space holds 27 percent of shares

Cryptocurrency Crime on the Rise

In an environment where ‘blockchain’ and ‘bitcoin’ are hot issues at the dinner table, cryptocurrencies have exponentially increased in number and usage. Tied to this growth is the rise of financial crimes related to cryptocurrencies.

Since the inception of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies have carried the stigma of being a ‘currency for criminals’. This stigma has been merited, to some degree, as crypto coins have been involved in the sale of illicit goods, terrorism financing, money laundering, ransomware and other criminal activities associated with the so-called ‘dark web’.

As cryptocurrencies continue to be linked to criminal activity, there is a market gap for technology solutions like those BIG provides to track and monitor cryptocurrency transactions, bringing security and accountability to their use.

“Since the use of cryptocurrency shows every sign of accelerating, we are here to bring peace of mind to the market and the regulators by protecting anyone that wishes to use digital currencies safely,” said BIG CEO Lance Morginn.

Industries that can benefit from BIG’s solutions

While law enforcement and regulatory agencies are target customer bases for BIG’s technologies, there are many industries that are stepping onto the cryptocurrency train that might need additional peace of mind to operate effectively within that space.

One area of note is the financial services industry. Financial institutions are bound by strict regulations that lead to massive spending (up to $1 billion for large institutions) and 10 to 15 percent of staff dedicated to regulatory compliance and controls. Implementing BIG’s tools would mitigate additional spending linked to monitoring and evaluating the risk of cryptocurrency transactions.

Blockchain Intelligence Forensic Services Division

With the goal of using data-analysis and risk-scoring capabilities to monitor and evaluate cryptocurrencies, BIG has launched its Forensic Services division, through which it offers a a comprehensive suite of solutions aimed at servicing the law enforcement, financial and retail sectors. The Forensic Services division is led by the company’s Director of Forensics and Investigations, Robert Whitaker. Whitaker is a former Homeland Security Investigations Supervisory Special Agent and brings over 23 years of experience in law enforcement.

By being part of a blockchain, information tied to cryptocurrency transactions is permanently stored on a decentralized online public ledger. BIG’s tools, QLUE™ and BitRank™, scour across transaction histories using search and analytics to gather evidence, connect criminals with their transactions, track fund movement between wallets, and assess transactions.


QLUE™, the Qualitative Law Enforcement Unified Edge, uses unique, advanced techniques and search algorithms to uncover suspicious activity within cryptocurrency transactions. The technology enables investigators to efficiently ‘follow the money’ tied to suspicious cryptocurrency transactions all the way to identifiable wallet addresses. QLUE™ is ideal for helping law enforcement, regulatory agencies and financial agencies in the fight against fraud, criminal activities transacted over the ‘dark web’, and other suspicious cryptocurrency transactions.

QLUE™ is offered on a subscription basis with customers being provided with a license for the technology.


BitRank™ is BIG’s proprietary risk scoring service that evaluates cryptocurrency wallets and provides users with an easy to understand safety ranking of up to 100, based on the nature of transactions that have been conducted. By determining the criminal element associated with a wallet, BitRank™ gives users the chance to assess the bitcoin addresses with which they exchange coins. The service also enables users to conduct a check of their own wallet’s score.

The BitRank™ search functionality can be accessed through its dedicated website or through the Company’s proprietary API module, which also has the capacity to conduct large volumes of lookups for retail clients and eCommerce sites. BitRank™ generates revenue on a usage basis, with a cost associated to each wallet search and ranking.

Moving forward

As BIG continues to gain traction and increase interest across the globe, the Company’s next steps are focused on solidifying their product offering and growing their customer base. This will include securing the patents for their technologies and working toward enhancing their relationships within the government and financial sectors. BIG will also focus on contributing further offerings to its suite of tools to provide greater accuracy in regulatory and compliance services.


Shone Anstey – Executive Chairman, President, Co-Founder and Director

Shone Anstey brings 20 years of experience building complex technologies and software within the IT industry. He was co-founder of a scalable web crawler and search engine, and is a certified Bitcoin professional. Formerly, he acted as Director of Technology for a distributed Bitcoin mining pool.

Lance Morginn – CEO, Director, Co-Founder and Director

With over 20 years of industry experience in technology-based startups, Lance Morginn brings a vast and proven track record for growing and developing multi-million-dollar businesses from the ground up. His background includes roles as Founder, CEO and Director in several publicly and privately traded companies. In 1996, Lance founded Planet City Graphics, which won worldwide recognition and became a multi-million-dollar corporation within 18 months. He also founded Western Shores Interactive, which became a publicly listed company and reached a market cap of $400 million.

In addition to his business and technical acumen, Lance has a proven track record working with Asian companies and government entities. In 2000, he was recruited to work closely with China’s Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation (MOFTEC). He assisted in the development of a secure network that permits the dissemination of information to State-owned business as well as businesses around the world.

Kim Evans CPA, CGA – CFO and Director

Kim Evans is a Certified General Accountant with extensive experience in both the corporate securities industry and in the junior mining sector. She has 17 years of experience as Director and/or Officer with a number of public companies listed on the TSX Venture Exchange.

Anthony Zelen – Investor Relations, Corporate Development, Co-Founder and Director

Anthony Zelen has over 17 years of experience in finance, investor relations, and corporate development. He is the owner of the full-service corporate communications firm, Synergy Communications Inc., providing investor relations, public relations and marketing solutions.

Marty Anstey – CTO, Co-Founder

Marty has over 20 years of systems administration and programming experience and enjoys complex challenges solving problems with big data intelligence and analytics. His background includes strong Linux and FreeBSD knowledge, experience designing and administering data center and ISP networks and expertise with multiple programming languages. He is a certified Bitcoin professional.

Robert Whitaker – Director of Forensics and Investigations

Robert Whitaker manages the commercialization, implementation and expansion for our QLUE™ product. As the Director of Forensics and Investigations, he has a number of roles and responsibilities including the global rollout of QLUE™, development of worldwide policies and strategies and the recruitment management of sales, partners and professionals. The relationships he has cultivated within US government agencies and around the world will help bolster market penetration, as well as spur and create early adopters to this new technology. His knowledge and expertise in cryptocurrency and cyber and financial investigative fields are unsurpassed. He is an exceptional addition to the BIG team, with the ideal background, experience and expertise to fulfill the position of Director of Forensics and Investigation.

Teresa Anaya – Director of Financial Institution Strategy

Teresa Anaya’s has over 25 years of experience in fraud, money laundering and terrorist financing investigations. She has developed extensive expertise from investigative work she did for the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) during the financial crisis, as well as from her experience with Standard Chartered Bank and Bank of America. She has a great interest in cryptocurrency developed during the cryptocurrency investigations she performed for Standard Chartered Bank.

Aware of the need to understand the technology behind the compliance programs, Anaya took on the role of Project Manager at Bank of America working with agile teams developing a proprietary ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) suite of applications. She also worked for MoneyGram International to expand the KYC and IDSCAN tools globally. Her professional qualifications include: Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, ITIL 3 Certified and Certified Bitcoin Professional.

Tom Kennedy, B.Comm., J.D. – Director

After an initial career with the Federal Department of Justice, Tom Kennedy has primarily served as a legal, financial and business consultant to publicly traded companies. Currently, he is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia, the Canadian Bar Association, the British Columbia Bar Association and an associate member of the American Bar Association. He is a Director and/or Officer of several TSXV and CSE publicly-traded companies and a graduate of the University of British Columbia.

Robert Birmingham – Director

Robert Birmingham has over 10 years of public markets experience in corporate development, investor relations and capital raising. He has been on the board of multiple TSXV and CSE companies and hold a BBA from Capilano University.



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