Battery Metals Outlook: Australia Edition

Battery Metals Outlook Report for Australian Investors

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The Investing News Network (INN) spoke with analysts, market watchers and insiders about which trends will move the battery metals sector.

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Table of Contents:

  • Lithium Market Update: Q1 2023 in Review
  • Lithium Market Update: Q2 2023 in Review
  • ASX Lithium Stocks: 5 Biggest Companies
  • Cobalt Market Update: Q1 2023 in Review
  • Cobalt Market Update: Q2 2023 in Review
  • ASX Cobalt Stocks: 5 Biggest Companies
  • Graphite Market Forecast: Top Trends That Will Affect Graphite in 2023
  • Graphite Market Update: H1 2023 in Review
  • ASX Graphite Stocks: 5 Biggest Companies
  • Vanadium Market Forecast: Top Trends That Will Impact Vanadium in 2023
  • Manganese Market Forecast: Top Trends That Will Impact Manganese in 2023
Battery Metals Outlook 2022

A Sneak Peek At What The Insiders Are Saying about Lithium

"Batteries are becoming better, cheaper and more abundant — these are the three things that are driving forward what I think is the mega trend of our times."
— Simon Moores, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence

“Lithium shares have run, so one needs to be selective. But I do see the market price holding for some time, which means that anything coming into production in the next while is going to enjoy high prices."
— Rodney Hooper, RK Equity

"The sheer absolute growth in EV sales will mean that EV-related cobalt demand will continue to accelerate in the years to come."
— Andries Gerbens, Darton Commodities

"If there is not enough supply available of raw materials, (demand) will just carry over into the next year. It will just keep ballooning even more than anybody would think."
— Ashish Patki, Livent

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