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China Moves in on Vietnam Oil Territory

Forbes reported today that Vietnam is asking Beijing to call off the movement of a Chinese oil rig towards large reserves discovered and owned by Exxon and PetroVietnam. According to Forbes, the action followed president Obama’s ‘China containment tour,’ although the United States is not expected to retaliate against the

Matt Badiali: Why Bill Powers Is Dead Wrong

Is this a great time to be an energy investor? It definitely is, according to Matt Badiali, editor of the S&A Resource Report. “You can make a lot of money, unless you’re Bill Powers,” he says in this interview with The Energy Report. Badiali discusses the true potential for U.S.

Natcore Technology Inc. (TSXV:NXT) aims to make solar energy cost-competitive with fossil fuels by significantly increasing efficiency (power output) and lowering manufacturing costs. Natcore’s new cells will likely offer cost/watt improvements of well over 30 percent. Connect with Natcore Technology Inc. to instantly receive their next catalyst.
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