CleanTech Companies Listed on CSE

The list features BacTech Environmental, Nass Valley Gateway, Newlox Gold Ventures, Organic Potash and Robix Environmental Technologies.

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These five companies all operate in the cleantech space, on the Canadian Securities Exchange, developing “technologies, products and services that minimize impacts on the environment”.

BacTech Environmental (CNSX:BAC)

BacTech aims to return abandoned mines to nature. The company has patented its BACOX bioleaching technology, that processes toxic waste from the sites. They are currently in the midst of a fundraising initiative that will allow the completion of testing work at a mine in Bolivia. Their head office is in Toronto.

Over the last year the company has enjoyed 125 percent growth, proving their own description as being “an environmental clean up solution that also creates a profit.”

Nass Valley Gateway (CNSX:NVG)

Nass Valley is based in Richmond, BC. It is focused on developing, marketing and establishing environmentally responsible technology for energy conversion and waste removal.

With a market cap of $1.91 million, this is a small player. However at the time of writing, Nass Valley’s stock surged by 100 percent, to a price of $0.06 per share. INN spoke to Dieter Peter, President & CEO, to ascertain the reason for the hike but he could not explain it as there is no current company news; all their projects are still under negotiation.

Newlox Gold Ventures (CNSX:LUX)

Newlox is similar to BacTech in that it removes waste left behind from Latin American small scale mining activity. As the name suggests, the company also operates a gold trading business. They are headquartered in Vancouver.

The stock peaked in August, which corresponds with a high gold price at the same time.

Organic Potash (CNSX:OPC)

Based in Ontario with operations in Ghana, West Africa, Organic Potash specialize in niche materials like cocoa husks. They take these leftovers and convert them into potassium carbonate, the purity of which is an industry first and will allow for numerous applications across industries such as food and pharmaceutical.

Organic Potash has a market cap of $1.76 million so they are very much on the smaller side. They witnessed highs at the start of the year but recently are struggling to regain them.

Robix Environmental Technologies (CNSX:RZX)

Canadian company Robix owns a Clean Ocean Vessel patent, a design used to clean up oil spills in rough seas, “so that recovery time and cost can be minimized in oil spill situations,” according to President and CEO Nathan Hansen.

Listed in 2013, Robix are the newest to this list. They have recovered from their January low of $0.13 per share last year and are up 33.33 percent to $0.2 per share.

Although only a few weeks into this year, most of these stocks have had a rocky relationship with 2017 so far. The pictures changes though when looking at their yearly growth, with most seeing positive gains since the start of 2016. Nass Valley is an anomaly, significantly down from this time last year, yet up since the new year. The CSE is a good place to look for growth companies in the cleantech sector as you may not have heard of these names before, but now you can invest.

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Securities Disclosure: I, Emma Harwood, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article. 

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