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Board Approves Browns Range Pilot Plant Development

Australian heavy rare earths developer, Northern Minerals Limited (ASX: NTU) is pleased to announce that the Board has approved the development of 100 percent owned Browns Range heavy rare earths pilot plant project in Western Australia. The pilot plant project will be used to assess the economic feasibility of a

Rare Earths Market 2016 Q&A With Ryan Castilloux

Rare Earths Market 2016 Q&A With Ryan Castilloux

Friday May 20th the first annual European Rare Earth Roundtable, hosted by Adamas Intelligence and the Technology, Rare and Electronic Materials Center. Following the event, the Investing News Network reached out to Ryan Castilloux of Adamas Intelligence to get some updated insight into the market.

China’s Weakening Hold on the Global Rare Earths Market

China was once responsible for over 90 percent of global rare earths production, allowing it to restrict exports and manipulate prices. However, following a WTO ruling against that practice earlier this year and moves to crack down on illegal mining, China’s share of global rare earths production could be dropping.

Northern Minerals Releases Feasibility Study for Browns Range

Northern Minerals Ltd. (ASX:NTU) announced that it has completed a preliminary feasibility study for its Western Australia-based Browns Range project. According to the company, it confirms that Browns Range could be “the first significant world producer of high value dysprosium outside of China.”

Rare Earth Market Outlook 2016

A look at rare earths in 2015 and the rare earth market outlook for 2016.

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