Zenyatta Nano-Material Successfully Tested in Advanced Silicon-Graphene Anode for new Lithium Ion Batteries

Zenyatta Ventures (“Zenyatta” or “Company”) (TSXV: ZEN) is pleased to announce the successful testing of the Company’s graphene oxide material by a leading U.S. based advanced materials company (‘U.S. Co.’) developing silicon-graphene anodes for the next generation of lithium-ion batteries.

Preliminary results show ease of processing with Zenyatta’s graphene oxide and similar electrochemical performance compared to the control material that is currently being used by U.S. Co. The superior dispersion qualities and good electrochemical performance of the Company’s graphene oxide are desirable properties for this silicon-graphene battery application.

Zenyatta’s high-purity graphite was recently converted to graphene oxide by Dr. Aicheng Chen, Professor at Lakehead University, and then sent to the U.S. Co. for testing as an advanced nano-material in a new Lithium-ion battery.

Aubrey Eveleigh, President and CEO of Zenyatta, commented:

“Given the present limitations on the existing lithium-ion battery, the world needs to develop a super-battery.  Silicon-graphene is the next generation anode being developed for batteries by many advanced material companies.

Zenyatta’s graphene oxide has properties that make it a suitable material to be used with silicon in these next generation Lithium-ion batteries.  While silicon has many times the capacity of graphite, it cannot be used alone due to rapid degradation.  A significant amount of research has been carried out to encapsulate silicon in a graphene material to enhance the cycle life while also increasing charge capacity and durability for advanced lithium-ion batteries.”

“We are very excited with the potential of our graphene to play a key role as a component of the next generation batteries.  The adaption of silicon-graphene based anode batteries could further accelerate the fast growing market for energy storage, especially for the automotive sector.”

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