No Signature for Cybersecurity Executive Order – Yet

Trump’s delay in signing cybersecurity executive order spells woes for the security landscape.


Days after the immediate fallout the other executive order banning citizens from predominantly Muslim countries entry into the US, Trump pulled out of signing a cybersecurity executive order. Amid the outcry of the travel ban, Trump is being remarkably quiet when it comes to the cybersecurity sector.

The Washington Post published a draft of the executive order, identifying cyberspace as a nascent field and finding that “its significance will increase in the years ahead.” It calls for a review of cyber vulnerabilities, within 60 days, and a subsequent strengthening of capabilities.

Although expected to sign the order on Tuesday, pen has not been committed to paper. Apparently a signing ceremony was scheduled. The details are vague; according to The Independent, signing the document “would be delayed to talk to people who have ideas, a note handed to the press secretary appeared to suggest.”

The topic is particularly sensitive as the whole election was marred with accusations of Russia hacking Clinton’s emails and pushing a pro-Trump agenda on social media sites. Trump’s promise, as stated in his campaign website, was immediate action on cybersecurity and “to address one of the most important aspects of America’s national security, and that’s cybersecurity.”

The House Oversight Committee’s “mission statement is to ensure the efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability of the federal government and all its agencies.” Its hearing today focused on improving security. One key takeaway is the inclusion of studying social media whilst evaluating someone’s right to be cleared by security.

Time will tell what Trump’s administration will do next and what changes are made to the first version.

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