An Introduction to TSXV Life Science Stocks

Is this daring market right for you?

TSXV life science stocks

Generally, the TSXV is known for metals and mining—that is, the opportunities it offers resource investors. Nevertheless, there is a life science market here as well, and while the options may not be endless, they are wide-ranging … and worth a closer look.

What is the TSXV?

The TSX Venture Exchange, or TSXV, is the Canadian small or micro cap market—similar to over the counter exchanges in the states. It’s where young companies can find a home … and where investors may find their next blockbuster win.

Benefits of trading on the TSXV

Companies that trade on the TSXV tend to be less costly. (You’ll find plenty of penny stocks here!) So should an investor make the right selection, the payoff can be huge.

This is a chance to get in on the ground floor and maximize that cardinal investment advice: buy low, sell high.

Risks of trading on the TSXV

Still, it’s not for everyone. The TSXV is well-regulated and its listings are transparent. Nevertheless, companies are not required to disclose as much information as those on say the TSX or NYSE, and so the exchange is best-suited for seasoned investors who have existing knowledge of an industry.

High risk-tolerance? That’s another requirement. Penny stocks are highly speculative and while you could make a killing, you might also lose everything.

That’s especially true when it comes to life science stocks, which tend to be higher risk anyway. There is never any guarantee that a drug candidate will be approved or that a medical device will stay on the shelves. With smaller companies, like those listed on the TSXV, investors are less insulated when a product fails in clinical trials.

Some options to consider

Should you decide that the TSXV is right for you, Life Science Investing News has compiled a list of some medical device, genetics, pharmaceutical and biotech stocks currently trading on this exchange—as well as their area of focus.

Medical device stocks

Hamilton Thorne (TSXV:HTL)
Lasers and image analysis systems for researchers working on fertility or stem cells.

Patient Home Monitoring (TSXV:PHM)
Sleep accessories, home ventilators, PAP devices and more.

Neovasc (TSXV:NVC)
Cardiovascular devices for refractory angina and mitral regurgitation.

Pyng Medical (TSXV:PYT)
Trauma and resuscitation devices, including a pelvic stabilization product and tourniquets.

Simavita (TSXV:SV)
Products to treat incontinence.

Vigil Health Solutions (TSXV:VGL)
Call systems and care management software.

Zecotek Photonics (TSXV:ZMS)
Imaging, display and laser systems.

Covalon Technologies (TSXV:COV)
Wound dressings and bandages.

IntelGenx (TSXV:IGX)
Oral films for drug delivery.

Genetics stocks

Avagenesis (TSXV:VVA)
A stem cell platform for research and cell therapy.

IBEX Technologies (TSXV:IBT)
Arthritis assays and recombinant enzymes.

bioMmune Technologies (TSXV:IMU)
Cancer therapies.

Pharmaceutical stocks

Cynapsus Therapeutics (TSXV:CTH)
Treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

Acasti Pharma (TSXV:APO)
Medications for cardiometabolic disorders.

Aurinia Pharmaceuticals (TSXV:AUP)
Treatment for lupus nephritis.

Aphria (TSXV:APH)
Cannabis-based medications.

BioSyent (TSXV:RX)
Pre-approved pharmaceutical products.

Biotech stocks

biOasis Technologies (TSXV:BTI)
A drug delivery platform for neurological diseases.

Ceapro (TSXV:CZO)
Active ingredients developed from plants.

Critical Outcome Technologies (TSXV:COT)
Cancer and orphan disease treatments.

Immunovaccine (TSXV:IMV)
Cancer immunotherapies and vaccines for infectious diseases.

iCo Therapeutics (TSXV:ICO)
Expanded uses for existing drugs.

MedMira (TSXV:MIR)
Rapid HIV and hepatitis tests.

RepliCel Life Sciences (TSXV:RP)
Cell therapies for Achilles tendinosis and hair regeneration.

Sirona Biochem (TSXV:SBM)
Diabetes therapies and cosmetic skin treatments.

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Securities Disclosure: I, Chelsea Pratt, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article.

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