Highbank Resources Hires Foresight Innovations for Swamp Point Construction

Highbank Resources Ltd. (TSXV:HBK) announced that it has finalized a contract with Foresight Innovations Ltd., located in Victoria B.C.. The company has been contracted to drive pilings and complete the infrastructure for a barge load-out facility at Highbank’s Swamp Point North project.

As quoted in the press release:

Work is expected to commence at the foreshore site this month with completion anticipated in two to three weeks. Following the completion of the piling work, the conveyor sections will be installed. This will complete the barge loading facility, giving the company its vital marine link and ability to supply construction aggregates to any of the proposed and continuing construction projects at the Port of Prince Rupert, Grassy Point, or other coastal installation (pipeline, liquefied natural gas) requirements. This facility gives Highbank a distinct competitive advantage in transportation costs over traditional trucking. It would take over 50 tandem truck loads to deliver the same volume of material as the smallest barge load.

Click here to read the Highbank Resources Ltd. (TSXV:HBK) press release
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