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Copper Investing News Launches Stock Index

These newly launched stock indices will give our readers more tools to use in understanding the market’s developments. The Copper Stock Index will feature a compilation of news-making small cap copper companies, and will allow users to track how specific companies are performing in comparison to the Index.

Investor Survey: Cautious Confidence in Commodities Markets

Dig Media has conducted its end-of-year Resources Investing News 2010 Survey to gauge the interests of its readers and gain insight into investors’ perception of the markets. The survey results show that while our readers are still optimistic about the future of commodities markets, they are choosing a cautious approach

Covers Off Electric Cars

Automobile vendors are revving up to get their show on the road. The new device under the hood – lithium ion battery. Lithium stocks power ahead.


Battery swapping is in. Lithium-ion batteries, that is, with major automobile vendors revving up to get their show on the road.

Even as Britain, France and

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