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India Surprises with Removal of Key Gold Import Restriction

India surprised the gold market on Friday when it removed a fairly stringent restriction on gold imports, bringing a bright spot to an otherwise dreary gold market. The Reserve Bank of India issued a statement announcing the change on Friday afternoon, but did not give a reason for scrapping the

Gold Price Rises Wednesday on Softer Dollar

Gold prices rose on the back of a slightly weaker dollar on Wednesday, Reuters reported. The metal touched a four month low in light of the Greek debt crisis and a continued fall in the Chinese stock market.

As quoted in the publication:
The price of the yellow metal did not react

Platinum Prices Hit 6 Year Low

Platinum prices hit a 6 year low after Greece voted ‘no’ in a referendum on terms of a bailout that included further austerity measures for the country, Bloomberg reported. Prices fell 1.9 percent to $1,062.95 per ounce.

As quoted in the publication:
The price of platinum has slumped every quarter since June

India Scraps 80:20 Gold Import Rule

According to Kitco News, the Indian government has made the surprise move of dropping its 80:20 gold import rule. While the change is certainly good news for gold bugs, some analysts have said it won’t bring major changes to the market.

Inventories May Curb Nickel Price Rise

The Financial Post reported that although nickel prices continue to rise quickly, there is some uncertainty about where they will go in the longer term. That’s partially because “skeptics say that the world is still awash in nickel supply, with large new mines entering production in recent years and relatively

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