Two Small Information Technology Companies Working With Big Data

2 IT companies operating in the field of analytics are profiled for the interested investor.


Big Data & Analytics is one of IDC’s Four Pillars. A study by IDC looks at the Big Data technology and services market, which is estimated to grow to $58.9 billion in 2020. As more data is generated each day, companies need to find innovative ways to store and analyze such information. As businesses recognize the value in using Big Data, IT will become a more prominent component in corporate structure.

Investors may be intrigued to read more about the following companies, that might usually fly under their radar, yet are worth considering for the future.

Helios and Matheson Analytics (NASDAQ:HMNY)

Helios and Matheson Analytics is an information technology services company based in New York. Helios and Matheson was founded in 1983, and its predictive analytics practice is Helios and Matheson Analytics. The company mines “the wisdom of data” to offer its clients a range of services in the field of predictive analytics. Clients are focused in the banking, financial services and healthcare industries.

The company has a market cap of $19.21 million. So far this year they have gained 18.18 percent, to finish at $3.90 by market close. The most important days of trading though, occurred last year on June 6 and 7, 2016. Stock surged a whopping 900 percent over two days. This was after the announcement of a merger with Zone Technologies, makers of an app that maps out criminal activity, like a real Marauder’s Map. Zone uses Helios’ data-analytics technology to monitor social media in order to update the app’s map “and instantaneously retrieve real-time crime data from around the world”, a service that is especially relevant in today’s war on terror.

Sysorex Global (NASDAQ:SYRX)

On the other coast, Sysorex Global provides data analytics and location-based services and solutions. The company is based in Palo Alto, California. Its products include AirPatrol, apparently the “most accurate and private real time locationing and analytics platform” ever. The technology can track mobile phones and record a journey in great detail, down to every step taken. LightMiner is another product that is also a data analytics platform. The supercomputing database is designed to speed up complex analysis, leaving Excel in the dust. This can be applied in banking, cybersecurity, government, IoT and scientific computing.

Sysorex Global is smaller than Helios, with a market cap of $7.02 million. Year-to-date their gains are more modest too, at 4.51 percent for 2017 thus far. But if Sysorex has a surge like Helios did in the summer then investors will want to look at this stock now.

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Securities Disclosure: I, Emma Harwood, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article. 

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