UpGuard Announces New Product To Improve Cyber Risk Monitoring

UpGuard has announced a new product, Real Time Forwarder, which offers organizations the ability of IT systems for cyber risk in real time.

As quoted in the press release:

UpGuard’s proprietary cyber resilience platform has provided operational integrity to millions of IT systems since it was founded in 2012 by co-CEOs Mike Baukes and Alan Sharp-Paul, giving companies visibility into their cyber risk by discovering and testing the complete state of their digital environments. The Real Time Forwarder is the newest addition to its existing set of powerful products, enhancing UpGuard’s Total Integrity Monitoring capabilities.

The Real Time Forwarder provides a greater level of reliability and accountability for organizations monitoring their IT environment by continuously tracking the integrity state of IT assets, compliance controls, and record changes, all in real time. Unplanned and undocumented changes create fragile systems prone to outages and misconfigurations. With this new product, UpGuard delivers an unprecedented level of oversight, furthering its mission of creating trust in technology.

In addition to detecting changes in real time, the Real Time Forwarder records who made changes to a file, as well as what changes were made between scheduled scans. This granularity ensures no important change flies under the radar, so organizations can reduce time spent investigating root cause and focus instead on remediation.

“Cyber risk is an evolving, dynamic, and growing threat that every business is up against. We’re excited to unveil a product that offers enterprises the kind of visibility they need in order to become truly cyber resilient,” said Mike Baukes, co-founder and co-CEO of UpGuard. “It’s not enough to only monitor files. The Real Time Forwarder takes a holistic approach and aggressively monitors across entire systems.”

Click here to read the full press release.

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