Top Tech Stocks of 2016

A look at the top gainers on the NASDAQ stock exchange.

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It’s certainly shaped up to be an interesting year for tech stocks. Year-to-date, we can see some clear winners have emerged. The NASDAQ Technology Sector (INDEXNASDAQ:NDXT) had a good year, up 22.79 percent, trading at 2,839.49 points at the time of writing this article. 

Here’s a breakdown of the top computer processing and software companies on the NASDAQ with market capitalizations greater than $50 million but less than $500 million. This criteria narrows down the list somewhat. Out of 45 listees most have recorded gains with 17 seeing losses. Read on to learn more about these top gainers:

  1. Datalink (NASDAQ:DTLK)
  2. Tucows (NASDAQ:TCX)
  3. Iteris (NASDAQ:ITI)
  4. Limelight Networks (NASDAQ:LLNW)


Current price: $11.20; year-to-date gain: 64.71 percent

Datalink transforms data centers for business operations to ensure they run smoothly, quickly and effectively. They formulate cloud disaster recovery scenarios in the event of a cyber attack. They have recently merged with Insight Enterprises; the acquisition is anticipated to go ahead in the first quarter of 2017.

Reuters Estimates recommend a hold rating. Revenues for the quarter ended September 30, 2016 decreased 7 percent to $184.0 million, from $198.0 million the same quarter the previous year.


Current price: $34.65; year-to-date gain: 64.22 percent

Based in Toronto, Tucows is an internet services company who provide network access and domain names. One service is Ting, which delivers mobile phone plans that are simple enough to understand and are transparent. They operate on over 200,000 phones.

They reported strong financial results from their third quarter, seeing increased net income, revenue and earnings per share. It has been downgraded from a buy to a hold by analysts but this could change back due to such positive recent news.


Current price: $3.22; year-to-date gain: 49.77 percent

Iteris is an American company that applies big data findings to solve issues in transportation and agriculture. For example, with PedTrax, they measure pedestrian traffic on roads, identifying those on foot and on bikes, in order to perfect signal timings. This will make commutes and roads safer.

Reuters recommends a strong buy. In November they announced their financial results for the fiscal second quarter of 2017; revenues increased 17 percent to a record $24.1 million over $20.6 million the year before, same quarter.

Limelight Networks

Current price: $2.12; year-to-date gain: 45.21 percent

Limelight Networks deliver digital content across gaming and media industries. Clients such as Lionsgate and L’Oréal can engage global online audiences. In their annual survey The State of the User Experience, they report that their millennial consumers mainly go online for video and social media.

Reuters recommends a buy. The gross profit for the third quarter of 2016 was $16.24 million, up from the third quarter of 2015.


Current price: $29.00; year-to-date gain: 41.33 percent

QAD are based in California. They provide software solutions for manufacturing companies worldwide, over a cross section of industries. They help with business optimization, cloud migration and new website implementation.

Reuters analysts recommend a strong buy. They recently reported their fiscal 2017 third quarter financial results, seeing $36.5 million gross profit, marginally down from the year before.

Investors should pay attention to the above in 2017 as one day these could become a worthy investment.

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Securities Disclosure: I, Emma Harwood, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article. 


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It’s shaping up to be an interesting year for tech stocks. Mid-way through 2016, we’re seeing some clear winners emerging.

Here’s a breakdown of the top computer processing and software companies on NASDAQ with market capitalizations greater than $50 million but less than $500 million. These stocks have seen the largest year-to-date growth. Read on to learn more about these top gainers:

  1. Mitek Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ:MITK)
  2. Planet Payment (NASDAQ:PLPM)
  3. MeetMe, Inc. (NASDAQ:MEET)
  4. USA Technologies (NASDAQ:USAT)
  5. Netlist, Inc. (NASDAQ:NLST)

Mitek Systems, Inc.

Mitek Systems, Inc. creates mobile capture and identity verification software solutions for enterprise customers. The company’s technology enables users to remotely deposit checks, pay bills, open accounts, get insurance quotes, and verify their identity through camera-enabled smartphones. Its mobile capture software solutions are embedded in mobile banking and enterprise applications developed by banks, insurance companies and other partners. Year to date, the company has seen a whopping 77.13 percent increase in share price.

Analysts and investors are awaiting July 21, when it is anticipated that the company will release its Q3 results. According to the Frankin Independent, analysts expect $0.02 earnings per share, down 60-percent, or $0.03 from last year’s $0.05 per share.

Planet Payment

Planet Payment, Inc. also operates in the fintech space. The company is a provider of international payment and transaction processing and multi-currency processing services. It operates through two segments: multi-currency processing services and payment processing services. All told, the company provides its services to around 118,000 active merchant locations in more than 20 countries and territories across the Asia Pacific region, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Year-to-date, the company has seen a significant 44.26 percent growth in share price. In June, Zacks Investment Research upgraded their rating of the company’s stocks from “hold” to “buy.” The company recently held its annual shareholders meeting on June 14, and intends to release its Q2 2016 earnings on August 2.

MeetMe, Inc.

With 32.68 percent share growth so far in 2016, MeetMe, Inc. is a social media company that owns the MeetMe mobile applications and The company is a location-based social network for meeting new people both on web and on mobile platforms, offering users access to a menu of resources that generate social interaction. On July 28, the company is expected to release its Q2 earnings report.

USA Technologies

USA Technologies provides technology-enabled solutions and value-added services that facilitate electronic payment transactions within the unattended point of sale market. More specifically, the company is a provider in the small ticket, beverage and food vending industry, the amusement industry, commercial laundry, kiosk and other markets.

Year-to-date, the company has seen a 31.17 percent spike in sale price. In June, the company had its annual shareholder meeting. Meanwhile, Q4 2016 earnings results are expected to be released on September 8.

Netlist, Inc.

The fifth and final company on our list today is Netlist, a company that designs, manufactures and sells a range of memory subsystems for data storage, datacenter and computing markets. Netlist operates in the segment of design and manufacture of memory subsystems for the server, computing and communications markets. In the first half of 2016, the company saw a 30.68 percent jump in share price. Keen investors should stay tuned for August 9, when the company anticipates releasing their Q2 2016 earnings. According to Markets Daily, Netlist, Inc. has 1-year price target of $3.

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Securities Disclosure: I, Morag McGreevey, hold no direct investment interest in any company mentioned in this article.




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