Wellgreen Platinum CEO Greg Johnson Interviewed by Cambridge House

Wellgreen Platinum (TSXV:WG) president and CEO, Greg Johnson, was interviewed by Cambridge House Live anchor Vanessa Collette. The interview focused on Wellgreen’s substantial platinum discovery in the Yukon as well as the “accelerating pace of Wellgreen’s activities.”

On the company’s timeline for developing the Wellgreen project, Johnson said:

Well the thing that is exciting about our Wellgreen project is that it is located in Alaska just off of the highway so we have paved highway access to the project, two existing port facilities, that are year round shipping ports, so that is going to facilitate this project being advanced quite rapidly, we’re looking to deliver the project towards feasibility in the next year or two, and to be able to start construction shortly after that. So this is really a kind of a 2-3 year timeline on this project to see it go from growth, early development stage moving into production. And that’s quite a rapid clip for a North American project.

Click here to read the Wellgreen Platinum (TSXV:WG) press release

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