Bauba Platinum Receives Renewal

Mining Weekly reported Bauba Platinum has been granted the renewal of the two new-order prospecting rights for its Bauba project in Limpopo.

As quoted in the market news:

Bauba A Hlabirwa Mining Investments, in which the JSE-listed firm holds 60% and the Bapedi nation 40%, would hold the rights in the region.

The Department of Mineral Resources issued the prospecting rights for a further three years, covering all eight properties making up the Bauba project. These are geographically grouped as the southern, central and northern clusters.

Click here to read the full Mining Weekly report.

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  • If this was easy, a lot more people would be doing it. Unfortunately, with climate change, comes unchartered territory, and this is evident in CPN’s current dilemma. I don’t see any reason for them to stop from moving forward since the potential clearly outweighs the current status, albeit the company keeps their investors up to date. Let’s just hope the positives come a lot sooner rather than later….


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