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Grafoid Inc. – A Complete Solutions Graphene Company


Grafoid Inc. is a privately held graphene research, development and investment company partnered with Focus Graphite Inc., owner of the high-grade Lac Knife, Quebec graphite deposit. It invests in, manages, and develops markets for processes that produce economically scalable, high energy density, high purity graphene used in graphene development applications with leading corporations and institutions.

The company’s leading investment produces high-energy bilayer and trilayer graphene from a safe, non-destructive extraction process leaving the lowest possible ecological footprint. The game-changing process achieves the global standard for economically scalable graphene products through MesoGraf™ – the world’s first trademarked graphene that can be tailored to industrial, commercial, military, biomedical and humanitarian applications.

In addition to pilot plant scale production and R&D facilities in Singapore, Grafoid now hosts MesoGraf’s laboratories and production facilities at its Innovation Park technology center, in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and at its, soon to be opened, U.S. facilities in New Jersey.

What’s the Opportunity?

  • The opportunity is in involvement in the graphene revolution – in a unique company.
  • It has a proprietary process. A game changer
  • It has a guaranteed supply of the purest graphite
  • It is partnering with the right players
  • It has proven its process, product, and commercial acceptance


Grafoid invested its scientific expertise and financial support that led to the co- development of a unique process for transforming graphite ore to graphene.

This unique process has led to the bulk production of MesoGraf™, a suite of economically scalable graphene products that can be tailored to meet application needs on a pan-industrial basis.

Independent testing confirms MesoGraf’s performance is peerless in terms of its high- energy density and unique physical characteristics. It is a product that sets the global standard for stable, reliable, economically scalable and reproducible graphene.

Global Platform

In May, 2013 Grafoid introduced its MesoGraf™ graphene and its global platform of Focus Graphite, Grafoid, Graphite Zero and National University of Singapore. Grafoid sees this quartet as a strategic key that unlocks the investment door to the next global economic and industrial revolution.

  • Focus Graphite is a source of high-grade, high-purity graphite
  • Graphite Zero manages MesoGraf™ research and development production at facilities in Singapore and North America, linking with the NUS Graphene Centre
  • Grafoid is responsible for managing MesoGraf’s marketing and business development, joint venture partner development and corporate and investor relations

Focus Graphite holds a substantial stake in Grafoid and Grafoid holds a majority stake in Graphite Zero.

This platform offers the most direct, clearest, fastest, affordable way towards graphene’s commercialization on a global scale.

Towards Commercialization

Grafoid completed an exhaustive two-year process to prove its scientific and commercial viability:

  • In material science: it has validated its investment in a patent-pending one-step process of creating graphene directly from graphite ore. The quality of the graphene has been tested by major corporations and academic institutions and has been evaluated by an experienced third-party. It is now among the top mass producers of graphene in the world
  • In commercial development: it has embarked on a comprehensive program to:
    • Raise awareness of its revolutionary graphite-to-MesoGraf™ process that leads to affordable, scalable and reproducible graphene production and availability.
    • Profile Grafoid’s corporate brand, as an emerging and significant entrant in the graphene space
  • In testing market acceptance: it has teamed with Mitsui & Co. to identify potential development opportunities in Japan and the region and proven significant market potential by attracting named joint venture partners to develop graphene applications. Rutgers University, Hydro Quebec, the University of Waterloo and CVD Equipment Corporation have been announced; others are under development and have yet to be announced.
  • In attracting investment funding: the company raised $10 million in private placement funding in 2013 and will be raising more from private placement funding in 2014.
  • Launched a Global Platform: Grafoid has launched a global platform – including Focus Graphite, Graphite Zero and National University of Singapore’s Graphene Research Center – one of the premier graphene science institutes in the world.


Jeffrey York – Chairman and Founding Partner

Gary Economo – Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner

Dr. Gordon Chiu, B.Sc., M.Sc., MSTP recipient, ND. – President, Chief Technology Officer and Founding Partner

Judith T. Mazvihwa-MacLean – CFO

Chester Burtt – Director of Communications and Government Affairs

Request an Investor Kit: Grafoid

By completing this form, you are giving consent to receive email from Grafoid. And remember you can unsubscribe at any time.

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