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Laguna Blends - A Hemp and CBD Based Company with Major Upside

Laguna Blends – A Hemp and CBD Based Company with Major Upside


Laguna Blends (CSE:LAG; OTCMKTS:LAGBF; FRA:LB6A) is a product development, sales, marketing and distribution company for hemp-based products and solutions. The company specializes in identifying emerging trends and opportunities such as Cannabidoil (CBD), one of the most useful compounds found in the hemp plant. Hemp is recognized as a superfood and its use in health and functional foods is growing.

Laguna Blends offers a wide range of proprietary and revolutionary products, from functional beverages and phytocannabinoid-enriched water to a clinically proven anti-aging luxury skin care line along with cannabinoid nutraceuticals. The company’s research and business development teams are continuously working on new products and proprietary technologies.

Laguna Blends’ vision is to become the worldwide leader in the development, marketing and distribution of hemp and CBD products. Its mission is to create a cultural movement building awareness and acceptance of hemp and CBD products, and to make these products socially acceptable and accessible throughout the world. Laguna Blends currently markets and distributes products in the United States and Canada. Products are being distributed to health food stores, specialty markets, health professional offices, spas, cannabis dispensaries and online through affiliate marketers.

The company is planning an aggressive international expansion into Asia and Europe in 2017. Letters of intent (LOIs) are in place for licensing and distribution agreements along with acquisitions to be announced in late 2016 and early 2017. Laguna Blends is seeking joint ventures and acquisitions to expand its portfolio and distribution opportunities.

The company’s approach to building value and generating revenues includes:

  • Creating an online marketplace with high-quality hemp and CBD products;
  • Acquiring companies that have created unique hemp and CBD products and need marketing, distribution or additional financing for growth; and
  • Business-to-business (B to B) bulk sales including private label opportunities for large distributors who have access to traditional distribution channels.

Laguna Blends expanded its exclusive CannaCeutical CBD skin care license into Japan, Germany, Thailand and South Korea in October 2016, fast-tracking the company to becoming a worldwide player in the distribution of CBD skin care products. In a deal valued at $1.8 million US, Laguna Blends recently signed a letter of intent with Carlsbad Naturals CBD Bottle Water Company to acquire 60 percent equity interest and exclusive licenses.

Laguna Blends brand Ambassadors include fitness expert Torrie Wilson and women’s rights activist and performer Mozhdah Jamalzadah as the company’s brand spokespersons for North America. Former NFL Super Bowl champion Marvin Washington was also added as a Laguna Blends brand ambassador and consultant in October 2016.

Laguna Blends - A Hemp and CBD Based Company with Major UpsideLaguna Blends - A Hemp and CBD Based Company with Major UpsideLaguna Blends - A Hemp and CBD Based Company with Major Upside

The company closed the first tranche of a private placement in August 2016, raising $406,800, and the second tranche of an oversubscribed private placement in November 2016 totaling $1,791,250.

Investment Highlights

  • Focused on growth in hemp, functional beverage and wellness markets
  • Established business in Canada and the United States
  • Strong leadership with expertise in marketing and web technology
  • Aggressive international expansion into Asia and Europe planned for 2017

Wellness and Personal Care Products

Growing Demand for Hemp-Based Wellness and Personal-Care Products

Demand for hemp-based products is growing rapidly alongside the expanding market for health food and personal care products. Science shows that hemp has many health benefits as it is high in omega fatty acids, complete protein, fiber, magnesium, zinc, iron and other important nutrients. Hemp’s use as a superfood ingredient is expected to rise across a wide array of health food categories.

Some of North America’s largest retailers— including Costco, Superstore and Walmart —carry a variety of hemp products. The Hemp Industries Association estimates that the total annual retail sales of hemp food and body care products is approximately US$200 million in the United States and US$20 million to US$40 million in Canada.

Key Products

Using a blend of innovation and science, the company is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality hemp and CBD products. Laguna Blends uses state-of-the-art growing, manufacturing and testing facilities to assure products are safe and compliant. All CBD is European Union organic certified, all products are non-GMO, THC-free and come with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. The company’s current product line includes:

Caffè: Hemp-Based Protein Coffee Beverage

Laguna Blends’ flagship product launched in March 2016, Caffè is a delicious instant black coffee beverage containing two grams of hemp and whey protein per serving. Caffè is marketed to coffee-drinkers looking for additional nutritional benefits.

Laguna Blends - A Hemp and CBD Based Company with Major Upside

Similar products are on offer by companies such as Starbucks and Kellogg’s, however management believes Caffè’s premium blend of coffee, whey protein and hemp protein sets it apart from the competition. The product was developed under an agreement with Walking Tree whereby Laguna Blends retains all of the intellectual property and rights on the product. Caffè is manufactured by PNP Pharmaceuticals in British Columbia.

Pro369: Single-serve Hemp Protein Packs

Laguna Blends’ Pro369 is a healthy hemp protein powder containing 13 grams of hemp protein and only two grams of sugar per serving. It contains omega 3-6-9 fatty acids, 20 essential amino acids and ginseng. The delicious plant-based protein powder’s unique blend of hemp, ginseng and stevia is formulated to provide energy and balance and improve cognitive functions. The product can be easily combined with water, milk or almond milk in a shake or smoothie. Launched in April 2016, single-serve packs are currently available in four flavor choices:

  • Vanilla Caramel
  • Tropical Fruit
  • Mixed Berry
  • Chocolate Banana

Laguna Blends - A Hemp and CBD Based Company with Major Upside

Pro369 is one of the first hemp protein powder products in Canada to be registered with Health Canada as a natural product. Few protein supplements on the market today have Health Canada’s approval. The government agency has approved all of Laguna Blends’ health claims for the product including:

  • A source of protein that helps build and repair body tissues
  • Source of amino acids involved in muscle protein synthesis
  • Assists in the building of lean muscle
  • An adaptogen to help maintain a healthy immune system
  • Supportive therapy for the promotion of healthy glucose levels

Pro369 was custom formulated under an agreement with Naturally Splendid Enterprises (TSXV:NSP), an award-winning company using advanced science and technology to build a portfolio of high-quality hemp and plant-based products. The hemp contained in Pro369 is Naturally Splendid’s HempOmega®, a high-quality, omega-rich homogenous powder created from microencapsulated pure Canadian hemp seed oil.

Pro369 has the endorsement of BC Lions Wide Receiver Emmanuel Arceneaux. Laguna Blends has a worldwide exclusive license to market, sell and distribute Pro369 under the Laguna brand name.

CBD Naturals Water: PH9+ Bottled Water

CBD Naturals Water is a PH9+ water that uses nanotechnology to enable water to penetrate and hydrate body cells. The product contains CBD, d-ribose, methylcobalamin, and CoQ10 to protect cells from damage, providing antioxidants and supporting the immune system.

Laguna Blends - A Hemp and CBD Based Company with Major Upside Laguna Blends signed a letter of intent (LOI) in October 2016 with Carlsbad Naturals, a market leader in the distribution and sales of nano-amplified CBD bottled water in the US. The LOI allows for an equity acquisition and exclusive license agreement to pursue mutually beneficial business opportunities in the CBD ingestible products industries.

Cannaceuticals CBD7: Skin Care Line

Cannaceuticals CBD7 is a clinically proven anti-aging luxury skin care line with a revolutionary time-released delivery system that provides little bursts of CBD and other anti-aging ingredients throughout the day.

Laguna Blends - A Hemp and CBD Based Company with Major Upside

Skin Care License Expanded
Laguna Blends expanded its exclusive CannaCeutical CBD skin care license into Japan, Germany, Thailand and South Korea in October 2016. ISO International LLC, the supplier for CannaCeuticals, granted Laguna Blends the exclusive, royalty-free right and license to distribute products in the licensed territories, either under the product trademarks or on a white label basis. Laguna Blends may sub-license these rights and licenses to any third party without the supplier’s consent.

The global skin care industry is currently estimated at US$121 billion, and the market demand for CBD products is growing at an exponential rate. Laguna Blends is positioning itself in the multibillion dollar skin care market with its market strategy of online sales, joint ventures and licensing opportunities.

“By acquiring the additional exclusive licenses in Japan, Germany, Thailand and South Korea we can capitalize on the global demand for high quality skin care products,” said Gray. “We feel there is nothing like the CannaCeutical product line anywhere in the world today.”

Laguna Blends received an exclusive license for the CannaCeutical product line in the US and Canada in August 2016, and launched sales of CannaCeutical products in the US in September.



Ray Grimm Jr., President, CEO and Business Development, Laguna Blends Inc.

Ray Grimm Jr. is a veteran entrepreneur with more than a quarter century’s experience building some of the top nutritional companies in direct sales history. Grimm has what many consider the Midas touch having built multimillion dollar companies, three of which exceeded 50 million in annual sales within their first five years. His vision, leadership and expertise in nutrition in direct sales are unmatched and so is his unique formula for success, which has benefited thousands over the years. In 2010, Grimm was selected by his peers worldwide as one of the 25 most influential people in the network marketing industry.  

Bryan Loree, CFO, Director and Corporate Secretary

Bryan Loree has approximately ten years of experience providing chief financial officer, accounting, financing, and management services to numerous issuers on the TSX Venture Exchange, Canadian Securities Exchange, and private companies. Loree is a CPA, CMA and possesses a BA from Simon Fraser University. 

Charles Carleton, Head of Laguna Tech

Charles Carleton has 20 years’ experience in Technology and Entrepreneurship. He has worked both for large corporations and small start-ups. A solid technical and analytical background coupled with good overall business acumen has enabled him to effectively work across all departments which compose a successful business. Carleton obtained his BSC cum lade in Experimental Physics from York University in Toronto. He headed west and spent the next 15 years in the tech industry out in California between Silicon Valley, San Francisco and San Diego as an employee for Microsoft, Allied Signal and Honeywell. He also started some of his own software companies during that time. One of which was partnered with Skype in their very early existence and contributed in designing and building their original Platform and API. 

Martin Carleton, CTO and Director

Martin Carleton has eight years of experience in the Internet Technology sector where he has worked both as a web developer and project manager. Most notably, he has led a team of developers in creating a prize winning metering system for Skype that garnered the “Skype API

Developer Award” in 2005 and in 2006 as part of his San Francisco based internet startup.

Since then Carleton has undertaken numerous projects developing commercial websites as a developer and more recently overseeing the construction of an internet/TV fiber optic network intended to serve an 800-room temporary logging facility in the oil fields of North Dakota. Carleton obtained his B. Eng in Communications Engineering from Carleton University. 

Rhys Williams, Director

Rhys Williams has been involved in the business of manufacturing since 1993, when he served as a Final Quality Inspector for Western Star Trucks. In 2002, while attending University College of the Fraser Valley, he co-founded BC Northern Lights Ltd., a private indoor greenhouse appliance company that has received recognition and rewards for its innovative product line. Williams was also involved in the early development of the Urban Cultivator product which was featured on CBC’s Dragons’ Den in 2011. The Urban Cultivator is an award winning kitchen appliance that grows fresh herbs and is distributed worldwide.

Request an Investor Kit: Laguna Blends

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