August 26, 2021

7 Silver ETFs at a Glance

ETFs are becoming increasingly popular with investors. If you're interested in silver ETFs, here are seven you may want to...
August 18, 2021

Top Silver-producing Countries

The most recent estimates from the US Geological Survey show that Mexico was the top silver-producing country in 2020.
July 27, 2021

Gold Price Update: Q2 2021 in Review

What happened to gold in Q2 2021? Our gold price update outlines key market developments and explores what could happen...
June 11, 2021

Top Stories This Week: Inflation Rises, Ross Beaty Shares Advice for Gold Investors

Catch up and get informed with this week’s content highlights from Charlotte McLeod, our editorial director.
June 9, 2021

VIDEO — Ross Beaty: Forces Driving Gold are Strong; Silver May Outperform

"The forces that are driving gold are stronger than I've ever seen in my career," said well-known mining industry figure...
June 3, 2021

5 Silver Stocks that Pay Dividends

If you're wondering about silver stocks that pay dividends, look no further — here are five with operations across the...
December 14, 2020

Silver Outlook 2021: Market Trends Point to Price Positivity

What's the silver outlook for 2021? Market watchers are optimistic that silver will continue its price gain and outshine gold.