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May 2012 News Catalysts

The following companies have significant upcoming news catalysts that are expected in the next 30 days which have the potential to move the listed companies’ stock: Primary Petroleum (TSXV:PIE), ESO Uranium (TSXV:ESO), Kivalliq Energy (TSXV:KIV), Bravada Gold Corporation (TSXV:BVA), Helio Resource Corp (TSXV:HRC), Premium Exploration (TSXV:PEM,OTCQX:PMMEF), Southern Silver Exploration (TSXV:SSV),

Copper Investing News Launches Stock Index

These newly launched stock indices will give our readers more tools to use in understanding the market’s developments. The Copper Stock Index will feature a compilation of news-making small cap copper companies, and will allow users to track how specific companies are performing in comparison to the Index.

Silver Prices Headed for a Correction?

Silver’s impressive rally over the last five weeks is no doubt a reflection of investor demand for safe haven assets in times of political and economic uncertainty. Many analysts are still bullish in the medium to long-term, but advise investors to stay cautious in the short-term and heed silver’s seasonal

Precious Metal Funds: Focus on Gold

We are pleased to introduce a new weekly series of precious metal fund commentaries and analyses. The primary objective for these initiatives is to provide informative online resources for investors about some investment opportunities for individuals that may be interested in risk diversification, economies of scale and increased liquidity.

Silver price manipulation? Yes, say some analysts

Silver Investing News reports some analysts said that silver price movement may have been manipulated.
Like Butler, Jason Hommel of Silver Stock Report and Mark O’Byrne of Gold and Silver Investments also believe there is something rotten in Denmark, and offer further proof by pointing out that dealer supplies of physical silver were

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