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5 Top Silver Stories for Q1 2015

As always, there have been plenty of calls for a silver price turnaround, and that theme dominated the top stories on Silver Investing News for the first quarter of 2015. From trend forecasts to talks with industry experts and analysts, predictions regarding the silver price were certainly some of our

Silver Price Manipulation: Fact or Fantasy?

Silver Investing News readers are intrigued to down right passionate when it comes to the topic of silver price manipulation. In a recent survey, we asked the question, “Do you believe the silver market is rigged?” to which an eye-popping 66 percent responded, “Yes!”

Dollar Optimism and Silver Hopefuls

Silver Investing News reports silver prices fell with a stronger dollar.
Precious metals price rallies are usually disrupted by gains in the dollar and easing oil, which reduce safe-haven investment appeal.

Dollar strength has hit commodities across the board as they become more expensive for holders of other currencies.
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