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August 22, 2019

Top Phosphate Mining Production by Country

Phosphate mining production is expected to grow by 2 percent through 2020. Find out which countries produced the most phosphate...
June 11, 2019

Fertilizers: What’s the Difference Between Potash and Phosphate?

What exactly is the difference between potash and phosphate? Both are used to produce fertilizers, but they are not interchangeable.
May 7, 2019

Electric Vehicles Hum Onto Center Stage in Australian Election

The Investing News Network takes a look at why electric vehicles have been such a hot topic in the Australian...
May 6, 2019

Introduction to Phosphate Investing

Wondering how phosphate investing works? Here's a brief overview of supply and demand dynamics, as well as options for investing.
May 1, 2019

Top Cobalt Production by Country

Cobalt production is hot and getting hotter. Here are the 10 top cobalt-producing countries of 2018, based on US Geological...
April 24, 2019

BMW to Secure Cobalt Supply from Australia, Morocco

The new supply of cobalt will be used in the German carmaker’s next generation of electric vehicles in 2020.
March 20, 2019

Emmerson Completes Environmental Study at Khemisset

Potash developer Emmerson is moving closer to production at Khemisset following the completion of an environmental baseline study.