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Jeff Wright: Miners that Create Their Own Momentum

Jeff Wright of H.C. Wainwright & Co. doesn’t anticipate a major shift in the price of gold near-term, so he doesn’t expect the gold price to provide momentum for mining company stocks. Instead, he’s looking at companies that can provide their own upward movement. Wright, an analyst, finds some promising

Gold Mining Stocks Lag Climbing Gold Spot Prices

In spite of the steady climb in gold’s spot price since the beginning of 2011, the overall share price of gold mining companies has not followed suit, particularly in the majors. Gold is up about 4.6 percent since January while gold mining stock indexes have shown a drop of as

Investors Seeking to Hedge against Inflation Look to Silver

Fearing the rise of inflation due to the reluctance of central banks to change historically low interest rates, investors are looking to silver. This practical guide shows newbie investors how to enter the silver market in all forms, either in bullion, ETFs, futures contracts, or through direct investment in mining

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Jeff Wright: Miners that Create Their Own Momentum