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What is Happening to the Silver Price?

What is Happening to the Silver Price?

Silver prices appear to be continuing their downward trend, dropping sharply on August 21 from $19.25 per ounce to to $18.82 per ounce as of 2:07 p.m. EST on August 23, hitting an overall two week low.  

The significant drop Sunday night, however,  marked a seven-week low, with pressures of

The Case for Investing in Silver

Yesterday, Wall St. Cheat Sheet published an article by Christopher F. Davis that outlines the case for investing in silver along with three ways to do so. Those include buying physical silver, purchasing shares of exchange-traded funds that track the silver price and investing in individual silver companies.

Silver to Continue Outshining Gold

Diane Alter of Money Morning reported that investors are now investing in silver at a higher rate than gold, noting that the iShares Silver Trust (ARCA:SLV), which is physically backed by silver, received $88.2 million in new money last month. Alter believes that this positivity is likely to continue, meaning

Silver’s Unique Place as a Precious Metal Investment

It’s not uncommon for people to speak about the “gold to silver ratio” or describe silver with affectionate terms like “poor-man’s gold,” and though there are undoubtedly some similarities in regards to the recent bullish performance of the two precious metals, their uses are quite different—particularly in industry and technology.

Investors Seeking to Hedge against Inflation Look to Silver

Fearing the rise of inflation due to the reluctance of central banks to change historically low interest rates, investors are looking to silver. This practical guide shows newbie investors how to enter the silver market in all forms, either in bullion, ETFs, futures contracts, or through direct investment in mining

Investing in Silver Mining Stocks reported on Investing in Silver Mining Stocks:
There are many reasons to own silver. One reason is that owning silver and its big brother -gold-is a safe way to protect wealth against the ravages of irresponsible governmental fiscal and monetary policies. Another very good reason is the basic situation of

First-ever silver ETF set to make a debut reports the first ever silver ETF to debut in Mumbai, India.

Benchmark AMC has filed an offer document with Sebi for a silver exchange-listed fund, the first ever in India. The fund would invest in units of overseas mutual fund schemes, including exchange-traded funds investing in silver or securities/instruments linked to

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