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November 7, 2018

Blockchain in the Mining Industry

Blockchain in the mining industry is a developing topic — here's a look at applications and what the future could be...
June 11, 2018

Bitcoin Plunges Following Coinrail Hack

The exchange said on Monday that roughly 30 percent of its tokens were compromised in the hack, which totals roughly...
April 30, 2018

Hilltop Cybersecurity Developing Blockchain-based Portfolio Management Product

Hilltop Cybersecurity (CSE:CYBX) has announced that it is developing a secure portfolio management using blockchain technology called “CYBR-EPM.” As quoted...
April 4, 2018

Over 2 Billion Consumers Will Use a Mobile Wallet in 2019, Study Shows

Over 2 billion consumers will use a mobile wallet in 2019, with PayPal tipped as a global leader in a...
April 4, 2018

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group Featured in Stockhouse Article

BIG Blockchain Intelligence Group Inc. (CSE:BIGG) (OTC:BBKCF) (WKN:A2JSKG) was recently featured in an article by Stockhouse.
March 14, 2018

Blockchain Technology for Fintech, Supply Chain Management and Media

Beyond cryptocurrency, blockchain technology is changing the way we do business.
February 21, 2018

What is Medical Device Security?

The bigger problem is when these attacks are against healthcare companies carrying millions of patients personal information; the attacks can...