January 21, 2020

Osoyoos Provides Corporate Update; Announces Board and Management Changes

Osoyoos announced that the board of directors has appointed Graham Simmonds, Tyler Devenyi and Larry Horwitz to serve as directors...
September 23, 2019

Osoyoos Announces Debt Settlement

Osoyoos Cannabis Inc. announces that it has entered into a debt settlement agreement with an arm's length creditor.
August 5, 2019

Cannabis Investment: Canadian Cannabis Stocks

Are you interested in cannabis investment? Here's a list of Canadian marijuana stocks for investors to reference.
July 31, 2019

CSE Marijuana Stocks

More and more marijuana stocks are joining the Canadian Securities Exchange. Here's a breakdown of the companies listed there.
May 24, 2019

Osoyoos Business Updates

Osoyoos Cannabis Inc. (CSE:OSO) (the "Company") announces that the Board of Directors has secured extended and improved terms of a...
May 16, 2019

Osoyoos Cannabis Announces Non-Binding Letter of Intent to Continue as Anahit International Following Reverse Take Over

Osoyoos Cannabis Inc. (CSE:OSO) ("Osoyoos" or the "Company") and Anahit International Corp. ("Anahit" or "Target") are pleased to announce today...
May 8, 2019

Osoyoos Business Updates

Osoyoos Cannabis Inc. (CSE:OSO) (the "Company") is pleased to provide an update on company matters.