August 5, 2020

BioHarvest Sciences Inc. Announces Manufacturing Agreement with Sugart Ltd. and Details of Its Growth Strategy

BioHarvest Sciences Inc. (CSE: BHSC) (the “Company”, “BioHarvest”) announces today its growth strategy supported by a major manufacturing agreement allowing...
July 20, 2020

BioHarvest CEO IIan Sobel: Biofarming Technology Can Extract Active Ingredients from Any Plant or Fruit

"When you look at the biofarming technology, we have the capability to be able to take any active ingredient from...
June 10, 2020

BioHarvest Sciences Inc Appoints Ilan Sobel as New CEO

BioHarvest Sciences Inc. (CSE:BHSC) (the "Company") announces today the appointment of Mr. Ilan Sobel as the Chief Executive Officer replacing...