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December 13, 2018

Oil and Gas Outlook 2019: Output Cuts to Correct Market

What’s the oil and gas outlook for 2019? Read on to learn what analysts see coming for the sector next...
August 23, 2018

Vanadium Mining and Deposit Types

Vanadium is a key component in steel, but it has other emerging applications as well. Learn about vanadium mining and...
June 13, 2018

Types of Graphite: Amorphous, Flake and Vein

The graphite space can be tough for investors to navigate. Getting a grasp on it involves knowing a little about...
May 10, 2018

Valeura Q1 Results Highlight Steady Growth

Valeura Energy, a Canadian-based petroleum and natural gas company experienced steady growth during Q1 2018, according to financial results.
May 9, 2018

Multi-Well Pad Drilling Technology and North America’s Shale Oil Boom

Multi-well pad drilling—when multiple wells are drilled from a single drill site—is allowing companies to produce oil more efficiently and...
May 7, 2018

PDC Reports 34 Percent Production Increase Q1

PDC Energy releases its 2018 first quarter operating and financial results. Highlights include, year-over-year total production increase of 34 percent.
May 3, 2018

IMF: Saudi Arabia Needs Oil at US$85 to US$87 a Barrel

In order to balance its state budget, Saudi Arabia needs oil prices to continue to increase to roughly US$85 to...