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December 27, 2018

Aluminum Outlook 2019: US-China Trade War to Drive Pricing

What's the aluminum outlook for 2019? Read on to find out experts' thoughts about the market next year in this...
April 24, 2018

Aluminum Prices Retreat as US Eases Sanctions on Rusal

Aluminum prices pulled back from a seven-year high after the US treasury made clear that it’s not pushing for Rusal's...
April 9, 2018

Rusal Aluminum Sanctions Could be a Boon for Rio Tinto

With sanctions against Russian aluminum producer Rusal underway, Rio Tinto may find profit in filling America's newfound supply needs.
December 28, 2017

Aluminum Outlook 2018: US Trade War with China?

2017 brought a number of surprises for the aluminum market, but what's the aluminum outlook for 2018? Experts share their...
November 10, 2017

Alterra Power Announces Results for the Quarter Ended September 30, 2017

Alterra Power (TSX:AXY) has announced its financial and operating results for the quarter ended September 30, 2017. As quoted in...
November 2, 2017

Surging Raw Material Prices Could Push Aluminum Higher

Prices for alumina, the raw material used to make aluminum, are up 56 percent since August, while aluminum prices are...
September 28, 2017

Wood Mackenzie Analyst Skeptical About Chinese Aluminum Cuts

Ami Shivkar of Wood Mackenzie discusses China's aluminum supply cuts, where prices are going and what factors will influence the...