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November 28, 2017

African Potash: Blockchain Joint Venture Agreement and Proposed Change of Name

African Potash, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a Joint Venture agreement with FinComEco a subsidiary of...
September 8, 2017

African Potash Extends Deadline for Farm-out Deal

African Potash Ltd. (LSE:AFPO) provided an update on the status of a farm-out transaction relating to its interest in the...
January 12, 2016

African Potash Announces GBP825,000 Private Placement

African Potash (LSE:AFPO) announced a private placement to raise gross proceeds of GBP825,000 in order to improve local infrastructure and...
October 9, 2015

AIM Round-Up: Ithaca Energy Gains 42 Percent on Operations Update

The Alternative Investment Market finished the week up 0.91 percent, and shares of Ithaca Energy and Greatland Gold were part...
October 2, 2015

AIM Round-Up: Serica Energy Spikes on Production Restart

The AIM was down this week, but Serica Energy and Thor Mining still managed to see some gains.
October 1, 2015

African Potash Signs Fertilizer Sales Agreement With Zambian Purchaser

African Potash (LSE:AFPO) announced that it has signed a legally binding fertilizer sales agreement with purchaser based in Zambia for...
September 25, 2015

AIM Round-Up: Sable Mining Rises on Coal Plant MOU

The AIM was down this week, but a few resource stocks were still on the rise. Sable Mining Africa and...