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The current state of the zinc market — with depleted inventory and soaring prices — is one of the hottest topics of conversation among commodities investors today.

Zinc is used for a multitude of modern life’s necessities, like infrastructure, automobiles and electronics. The fourth-most-consumed metal after iron, aluminum and copper, zinc’s anti-corrosive properties bond with popular metals like steel and iron to create a rust-proof coating. Zinc is also a key ingredient in the creation of brass, which makes up many household items, fixtures, electronic components and automobiles.

“The most important application for zinc is in galvanizing steel. The emerging markets will need to invest in infrastructure as they grow their economies. They will need zinc for that, but will have to compete with the new infrastructure needs of China, the US and India — who all have major infrastructure plans underway,” said Bill Williams, chief operating officer of Canada-based Zinc One Resources (TSXV:Z,FWB:RH33,OTCMKTS:ZZOF).

Lear about the following in our FREE Special Report, The Basics of Zinc Investing: 

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