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The world’s population is increasing rapidly, and is expected to reach over 9 billion by 2050.

A larger population will have many consequences, one of which is that much higher amounts of food will be needed. But with more people will come further urbanization and less farmland to work with — that means farmers will have to increase crop yields.

That’s where fertilizers like potash come in. They not only provide essential nutrients to food, but also allow higher output from farms — put simply, fertilizers improve water retention in plants and strengthen their roots and stems, allowing them to produce more food.

Table of Contents

  • What is Potash Investing?
  • Types of Potash: What is the Difference Between SOP and MOP?
  • What’s the Difference Between Potash and Phosphate?
  • 10 Top Potash-producing Countries
  • TSX- and TSXV-listed Potash Companies
  • ASX-listed Potash Companies: An Investor’s Guide
  • Potash Outlook 2017: Oversupply and Demand

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