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What exactly is graphite? And can investors really profit from graphite investing?

A few years ago, graphite was one of the hottest sectors in the resource space. Among other factors, concerns about Chinese supply and anticipated demand from lithium-ion battery megafactories had sparked a huge amount of interest in the metal.

Graphite has since fallen from favor a little. The market was fairly quiet in 2016, and it’s likely that 2017 will not be a breakout year. Nevertheless, the long-term outlook for graphite remains positive, and some savvy investors are entering the space now in anticipation of future gains. Before you start, download our Free Report!

Table of Contents

  • Graphite Investing: An Overview of the Market Today
  • Types of Graphite: Amorphous, Flake and Vein
  • Graphite Companies on the TSX and TSXV, Part 1
  • Graphite Companies on the TSX and TSXV, Part 2
  • 10 Top Graphite-producing Countries
  • Graphite Outlook 2017: Will the Market Take Off?

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