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Our experts are optimistic about the state of this market going forward. “The possibility of gene transfer to normal cells … promises to revolutionize medical practice.”

Chances are you’ve heard something similar before—and probably on several occasions. The above quotation comes from an article that’s over 20 years old … and yet here we are, still waiting for that revolution.

Experts say it could be drawing closer. 2016 brought numerous developments that forwarded the areas of genetic or stem cell research. Just take a look at the IPOs: numerous biotechs went public this year that are centered on CRISPR-Cas9 technology. Find out what you need to know before investing with our Free Report.

Table of Contents

  • Genetics Outlook 2017: The Revolution Nears
  • Top Trends for Genetics Stocks in 2017
  • 5 Gene Therapy Stocks to Watch in 2017
  • Genetics Facts for Investors
  • Types of Genetic Testing
  • Top 10 Stem Cell Companies On The NASDAQ

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