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What are critical metals? And which ones should savvy investors focus on? Our overview of the space answers those questions and more.

Critical metals investing can be profitable, but getting into the space is tricky, especially for investors who are more familiar with precious metals like gold and silver, or even base metals like copper.

It’s therefore crucial for those interested in critical metals to start by doing some research.

Table of Contents

  • The Basics of Critical Metals Investing
  • Graphite Investing: An Overview of the Market Today
  • How to Invest in Cobalt
  • Investing in the Rare Earth Elements Market
  • How to Get Started on Tungsten Investment
  • Investing in the Magnesium Mining Market
  • Tantalum Mining and How to Invest
  • Investing in the Manganese Industry
  • Why Scandium Could be a Huge Opportunity

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