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Wondering how to invest in cobalt? Our brief guide covers supply, demand and different investing options.

Cobalt has been used for thousands of years as a blue coloring agent in pottery, glass and ceramics. However, in recent years demand from more high-tech sectors has emerged — today cobalt is used in batteries, alloys and more.

The consensus seems to be that those supply and demand dynamics will push the cobalt market into deficit in the coming years. “The refined cobalt market will fall into a 3,000 tonne deficit [in 2017] following seven years of overcapacity and oversupply,” CRU Senior Consultant Edward Spencer has said.

Start Here – Investing in Cobalt is your guide to the opportunities that are represented by this spike in cobalt demand. Get your copy today!

Table of Contents

  • How to Invest in Cobalt
  • 5 Top Cobalt-producing Companies
  • Top Cobalt Companies on the TSX
  • Top Cobalt Companies on the TSXV
  • 10 Top Cobalt-mining Countries by Production
  • Cobalt Outlook 2017: Price Revival Expectations

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