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Big Rare Earth News – What Investing Opportunities Exist Post Molycorp?

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Dear Rare Earth Investor,

When the price of rare earths spiked in 2011, many thought this would usher in a new era of high prices and production outside of China.

But the World Trade Organization ruled against China so export quotas and export tariffs were eliminated for rare earths and prices have been much lower ever since.

And yet many investors still believe there are opportunities in rare earths, despite news that Molycorp is going on care and maintenance. Why?

China produces over 90% of the world’s supply of these critical elements. Elements that are finding more and more uses in key technologies. Consumers of rare earth elements know they need a secure supply that will be independent of the control of a single government. And there lies opportunity.

Here at Rare Earth Investing News, we wanted to give you an insight into rare earth markets available to only a few. Until now:

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Don’t worry if you are new to rare earth elements and the investing opportunity they represent. In this free report we cover the basics like, Rare Earths Metals Prices 101 and not so basic, Best Rare Earth Stocks: Innovative Juniors. We also cover the different rare earth elements and their prices so you can properly understand the difference between rare earth companies and how their deposits stack up.

This FREE Special Report, Rare Earth Expert Interviews And Rare Earth Stocks To Buy, is designed to help you …

  • Educate yourself on rare earth elements as an investment opportunity
  • Consider the growing need for rare earth elements and how the market is changing
  • Understand what the experts think about rare earth elements and the companies working in this market
  • Evaluate extraction technologies that might overturn the existing market players
  • Gain expertise in the difference between heavy and light rare earths
  • Confidently make investing decisions all year long, whenever you choose to act

How much would you pay for all of that? How about a cost of absolutely zero, zilch, nada?

Once you’ve decided rare earth companies represent an investment opportunity. Your next question might be why should I trust Rare Earth Investing News …

Why you should read Rare Earth News and Rare Earth Metals Prices: What you Need to Know

Rare Earth Investing News is part of Investing News Network, a growing network of authoritative publications delivering independent, unbiased news and education for investors. We deliver knowledgeable, carefully curated coverage of a variety of markets including rare earths, gold, tungsten and many others. This means you read nothing but the best from the entire world of investing advice, and never have to waste your valuable time doing hours, days or weeks of research yourself.

At the same time, not a single word of the content we choose for you is paid for by any company or investment advisor: We choose our content based solely on its informational and educational value to you, the investor.

I’m sure you can see the value of such investing intelligence. And of course it’s exactly the same kind of information we’ve poured into this FREE Special Report, Rare Earth News and Rare Earth Metals Prices: What you Need to Know. This 18-page report takes a detailed look at the market forces driving the rare earth market.

So if you understand why rare earth elements were declared critical materials in both the US and Europe …

If you’re just beginning your investigation into rare earths and how advanced countries are looking for sources outside of China …

Even if you already have investments in rare earths elements but want to know more background and be able to send it to your family and friends …

This is the place to start. Right now.

Given the seeming inevitability of a rare earth supply crunch, it’s no surprise that investor interest in these elements is rising. However, as mentioned, China is the top producer of rare earths by a long shot, and it’s not particularly easy — or indeed desirable — to invest in companies mining rare earths there.

According to Ryan Castilloux of Adamas Intelligence, “we believe the rare earth prices being quoted at present are a reflection of very small and sparse transaction volumes taking place and are indicative of ‘bait’ prices aimed at drawing buyers back into the market. As end-users draw down the supplies amassed through the last quarter of 2014 and the first quarter of 2015 and begin re-stocking in late-2015 we believe prices will begin to rise accordingly and this upward momentum will carry into the first half of 2016.

Looking forward through 2020 we forecast that prices of all rare earth oxides will increase from present levels, although the increase will be modest for some and more aggressive for others depending on the supply-demand fundamentals anticipated for each respective oxide.

Rare Earth News and Rare Earth Metals Prices: What you Need to Know: What you can learn

After spending $1.5 billion to commission their Mountain Pass facility, Molycorp is tranitioning the facility to care-and-maintenance mode in October, 2015.

According to senior analyst at Tahuti Global Luisa Moreno:

  • Molycorp “had negative earnings out of the plant, so it’s not profitable at all
  • “Keeping it simple and small is sometimes better” in terms of rare earths projects
  • Some companies are pursuing innovative processing technologies that could help bring costs down and make them more competitive. She goes on to list two examples.

Naturally, different experts have different forecasts. But when you’re investigating something as complicated as rare earth elements, you don’t want to rely on just one or two expert opinions – or on the opinions of people you can’t trust. That’s why our painstakingly curated Special Report is so valuable to savvy investors like you.

Most importantly, we have access to experts that no individual investor has, and we deliver their insights directly to you in this Special Report. You’d probably pay well for the kind of advice you’ll find in Rare Earth News and Rare Earth Metals Prices: What you Need to Know – but remember, it’s FREE!

When you read this report, for instance, you’ll discover …

  • China is by far the largest producer of rare earths globally, producing more than 90% of the total market
  • But China has suspended production at many rare earth mines due to pollution concerns
  • Many rare earth projects outside of China failed to develop when rare earth prices fell, but there are still a number of juniors out there taking a crack at the space.

This is clearly a Special Report that no curious investor can afford to overlook. And at this price — $0.00 — it’s certainly affordable!

It’s time to stop reading this letter and start reading our Rare Earth News and Rare Earth Metals Prices: What you Need to Know

So what are you waiting for? You can’t diversify your portfolio, build wealth and ensure your family’s wellbeing in an uncertain world by doing nothing.

Remember, it costs you nothing to read this Special Report, and it could give you critical rare earth element insights you wouldn’t find elsewhere. We’re pleased to be able to make it available to you at no cost, and hope you’ll take advantage of the expertise it delivers.

After all, there are no guarantees in life or investing, but many successful investors know – look where other investors are not. Why would you wait any longer to get started yourself?

So I urge you to sit down today and carefully read Rare Earth News and Rare Earth Metals Prices: What you Need to Know. Keep an open mind, give its insights careful thought and take your time in making any decisions. Remember, this FREE Special Report is yours to keep, so you can refer back to it at any time to guide your future moves.

Thank you for hearing me out on this Special Report, and for your interest in Rare Earth Investing News. And join me soon as a confident rare earth investor!

Yours for financial self-reliance,

Nick Smith
Publisher & CEO
Investing News Network

PS: Did I mention that this Special Report also includes numerous links to additional insight – information you might never find on your own? This is the kind of guidance that’s a deal at any price — but especially when it’s FREE. Download it today!

PPS: Here at Rare Earth Investing News, we have no hidden, vested interest in getting you to invest in any company or mineral. We simply believe investors like you deserve the best professional guidance available, and we just happen to deliver it for free in this Special Report. Read it now!

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  • Tanbreez Mining Greenland is a private company (owned by Greg Barnes) with the largest reserves/resources out of China. currently waiting Greenland government approvals


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