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Everyone’s got an opinion on US President Donald Trump. Whether it be about his policies or outrageous statements, people can’t stop talking about what he’s done and what he may do next.

But while opinions on Trump abound, it’s hard to get concrete answers about what impact his actions could actually have. His failure to push his healthcare reform bill through Congress has led to doubts about how much he will be able to accomplish. All of which is having a significant impact on markets. And your investments. Get our latest insights on Trump’s impact with our Free Special report: Protecting Your Wealth Under Trump

For resource-focused investors, one key question about Trump is how he may affect the gold price. Though he’s definitely caused the the yellow metal to move both up and down since he was elected (and even before that), gold market watchers don’t seem to have reached a consensus.

As an investor, you need to know what the impacts could be on your wealth. Get the Free Report today!

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