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Lithium Stocks and Mining in 2018

Dear Investor,

We’ve updated our free report to focus on the lithium market.

While most other commodities experience historic low prices, lithium price and demand remain high. And with various lithium battery megafactories in the works, investors are watching the space closely.

Understand this market and what the experts see in coming in the end of 2016 with our free special report, Lithium Stocks and Mining in 2018


  • Lithium Trends 2017: EV Plans Fuel Supply Concerns
  • Lithium Outlook 2018: Higher Supply and Demand
  • Lithium Forecast 2018: Execs Weigh In
  • Top Canadian Lithium Stocks of 2017
  • 5 Top Lithium News Stories of 2017

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  • Dajin Resources
  • Sienna Resources
  • Manganese X Energy
  • Macarthur Minerals

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  • Richard

    Earlier I read that LIXXF was going to be a supplier of lithium and there was no mention of it in the article. What has happened with this company ?

  • hello, I am more interested in what 2018 will bring, I do not care about 2014,15,16 or 17. My interest lies in which mines can produce high quality lithium at the lowest cost. NOW

  • Christine

    I am following this to be prepared for lunar mining. What is the prognosis for that? The technology for smelting in a non oxygenated environment will need funding. I imagine a high return of investment there.


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Lithium Stocks and Mining in 2018