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Pharmaceutical Companies – Top Performers in Terms of Net Profit

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Dear Pharmaceutical Investor,

That’s right, pharmaceutical companies have the highest profit margins across the main industrial sectors, beating out banks, carmakers, media and even oil and gas. According to a Forbes report, in 2013 the pharmaceutical industry had an average profit margin of nearly 20 percent, with American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) achieving an incredible profit margin of 42 percent.

The European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) estimates that approximately 12 or 13 years may elapse between the first synthesis of an active substance and its introduction to the market. And, the EFPIA estimates that only one or two out of every 10,000 substances synthesized in laboratories will ever pass all stages of development to become marketable medicines. Those are slim chances, and it’s important to note that even reaching marketability doesn’t guarantee a drug’s profitability. In fact, research from PhRMA shows that on average, only two in 10 drugs are profitable.

With odds like that, how does an investor know where to put their hard earned money?

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  • Profit from improving people’s health while helping companies build their success

There is a lot of information in the news about healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. But how much about investing in those companies? There is some, but that information usually focuses on the big names – names the investors already know about.

There are hundreds of pharmaceutical companies that represent different types of investment opportunities. We have provided you with a great place to start.

Why you should read Pharmaceutical Investing Principles And Pharmaceutical Stocks To Buy 2018

Pharmaceutical Investing News is part of Investing News Network, a growing network of authoritative publications delivering independent, unbiased news and education for investors. We deliver knowledgeable, carefully curated coverage of a variety of markets including pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices and many others. This means you read nothing but the best from the entire world of investing advice, and never have to waste your valuable time doing hours, days or weeks of research yourself.

At the same time, not a single word of the content we choose for you is paid for by Pfizer or Merck or any company or investment advisor: We choose our content based solely on its informational and educational value to you, the investor.

I’m sure you can see the value of such investing intelligence. And we have carefully selected unbiased, independent articles to put into this FREE Special Report, Investing in Pharmaceutical Companies: Pharmaceutical News, and Top Pharmaceutical Stocks to Buy.

We created this special report because there is so much to know about investing in pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer that we wanted to make it easy for you to get started. And as for why we would give away such valuable advice, the answer is simple: It’s the best way we know to introduce ourselves and get this information into the hands of as many investors as possible.

Of course, investing in pharmaceutical companies isn’t for everyone. When you read this free report, you’ll learn one of the cardinal rules: Have patience. You’ll learn to distinguish between the pessimists who only consider short-term investing and those experts who take the long view – a view that could turn out to be very profitable indeed.

So if you want to invest in a way that takes advantage of one of the most powerful mega-trends our generation — or any generation — will ever see…

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If you want to learn how to evaluate pharmaceutical companies before they are in the headlines…

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After all, a lot of people know that investing in healthcare has significant upside potential. Aging populations in the most wealthy countries will be spending trillions on their health and trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you’re the kind of person who likes to identify new products and trends to improve your investing results — to find the companies to invest in before everyone else — then you shouldn’t wait to start reading this Special Report.

The range of different types of healthcare companies to invest in is vast. Are you looking for companies that are trying to cure cancer? Or companies that help those with Alzheimer’s? What about companies trying to help deal with the deadly Ebola outbreak in West Africa?

This Special Report is a great place to start. Investing in Pharmaceutical Companies: Pharmaceutical News, and Top Pharmaceutical Stocks to Buy touches on all of these topics and more. And if you’re interested in what the experts are saying, we provide links to reports from the World Health Organization, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, Forbes and the BBC. Just to name a few!

Changing demographics of the US are contributing to the popularity of healthcare ETFs. Baby boomers, those born between the years 1946 and 1964, represent approximately one-quarter of the US population, according to the Population Reference Bureau. More importantly, as this generation continues to age, it will result in much more spending in the healthcare sector, from prescription drugs to hospital care.

This is not the kind of opportunity that comes twice. Don’t wait to start reading this Special Report.

What you will learn when you read Investing in Pharmaceutical Companies: Pharmaceutical News, and Top Pharmaceutical Stocks to Buy

For those still hesitant about investing in pharmaceutical stocks, it’s worth noting that according to EY’s “Firepower and Growth Gap Report 2015,” between 2009 and 2014, shareholders of big pharmaceutical companies saw their returns increase by 116 percent. That made the sector one of the safest and most stable to invest in, despite the recent economic downturn.

Learn about one interesting pharmaceutical industry trend is the movement away from animal testing and towards cheaper and more efficient testing technology. LiverChip is one such technology. The company Benitec Biopharma (ASX:BLT) is using LiverChip to search for a potential cure for hepatitis B.

Or what about personalized medicine — sometimes referred to as precision medicine. It is the idea of providing tailored medical care according to a patient’s individual characteristics, needs, preferences and genetic makeup. Large pharmaceutical companies have started looking at this seriously and have been gradually moving away from the research and development of blockbuster drugs in favor of an increased focus on targeted therapies.

In all, there simply is no other single resource that brings together the best current information on pharmaceutical investing, whether you’re a novice healthcare investor or an old hand. This free Special Report, Pharmaceutical Investing Principles And Pharmaceutical Stocks To Buy 2018, is, if you’ll pardon the pun, just what the doctor ordered! Download it today!

And at this price – $0.00 – it’s certainly affordable! Don’t waste another minute wondering how what company is going to be the next Ariad Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacyte, or in trying to sift through the onslaught of information – some of it valuable, much of it not – on your own. Read our Special Report today, and start making savvy investing decisions tomorrow!

We’re pleased to be able to make it available to you at no cost, and hope you’ll take advantage of the expertise it delivers.

Yours for profitable, healthy investing,

Nick Smith
Publisher & CEO
Investing News Network

PS: Did I mention that this Special Report also includes numerous links to additional insight – information you might never find on your own? This is the kind of guidance that’s a deal at any price — but especially when it’s FREE. Download it today!

PPS: Here at Pharmaceutical Investing News, we have no hidden, vested interest in getting you to invest in pharmaceutical companies. We simply believe investors like you deserve the best professional guidance available, and we just happen to deliver it for free in this Special Report. Read it now!

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