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Dear Investor,

Graphene is unlike any material you’ve ever seen.

Graphene is..

  • 200 times stronger than steel — and six times lighter…
  • Better electricity conductor than copper…
  • Impermeable to gases, but almost perfectly transparent since it only absorbs 2% of light…

Most recently, news surfaced that the material may be able to double the lifespan of lithium-ion batteries, which has risen in importance since Tesla Motors’ (NASDAQ:TSLA) announcement that it plans to build a massive lithium-ion battery gigafactory.

For these reasons and many more, graphene is described as the “wonder material” of the 21st century.

What exactly is graphene?

Graphene is a crystalline allotrope of carbon, a characteristic it shares with diamonds and graphite. Put simply, graphene is a set of carbon atoms bonded together.

The professors who first produced graphene eventually went on to earn the Nobel Prize for their work with the material, and a quick glance at the things graphene is capable of makes it easy to see why.

Here’s the thing.

When people think of graphene, they think of electronics.

But according to the University of Manchester, graphene is making inroads in diverse industries including transport, medicine, energy, defense and desalination. So much more opportunity than just electronics.

So, how does an investor take advantage of this revolutionary new material and also clearly understand it’s drawbacks?

That’s what our INN Investor’s Report is for.

Our report is designed to…

  • Educate investors on what graphene is and the applications it can be used for
  • Consider the industries that might be turned upside down when graphene becomes common
  • Evaluate the experts’ opinions and the graphene opportunities they are considering
  • Understand the investment applications and strategies to profit from graphene
  • Gain expert knowledge on how graphene is made and used
  • Confidently make buying and selling decisions when new opportunities emerge
  • Profit from this revolutionary new form or carbon

We’re pleased to be able to make this exclusive report available to you.

We hope you benefit from this greatly.

To investing in life-changing technology,

Nick Smith
Publisher & CEO
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  • Tucsonbill

    Are there any energy implications in this product? Does your report go into this subject?

  • Des Consulting

    I really appreciate the wy you are presenting “Brand new” things.
    I hope to stay well informed by “Invesrting News”

  • What a fantastic report. I’m an avid investor in technology. I confess. This is one of the most informative and accurate reports I’ve downloaded to date. Keep up the great work. Do you have a report on investing in 3D printing as well?

  • Just wish that from the US one could use invest some of one’s “venture capital” in Canadian and/or Australian stocks. Anyone know how that can be done? Thanks.


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