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Cobalt Market Forecast and Cobalt Stocks to Buy

Cobalt does not usually get much attention from investors. Recent news about Tesla’s and worldwide demand for lithium ion batteries has driven the price of lithium and the companies producing and exploring for the resource to new highs. However, analysts and experts have been looking at the battery supply chain so they can pick the next boom resource and many are betting on cobalt.

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  • Cobalt Outlook 2017: Price Revival Expectations
  • Cobalt in Canada and Europe
  • Chris Berry Talks Cobalt And Its Role in the Battery Industry
  • Cobalt Demand Forecast
  • Cobalt in Canada and Europe
  • Top Cobalt Mining Countries by Production
  • 5 Cobalt Producers Outside the Democratic Republic of Congo

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  • Cruz Cobalt Corp.
  • Global Energy Metals
  • LiCo Energy Metals
  • Fortune Minerals
  • Manganese X Energy
  • Castle Silver Resources
  • Canyon Copper Corp
  • Sunvest Minerals Corp

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