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Coal provides about 30 percent of global primary energy needs and generates over 40 percent of the world’s electricity.

China, the world’s fastest growing major economy, has massive coal reserves. But the country’s energy consumption is growing so rapidly that starting in 2010 and continues until today, China began importing more coal than it exports. China has overtaken the US as the world’s heaviest consumer of coal.

Currently about 70 percent of China’s energy needs are met by coal.

Combined with an increase in global demand, that change has triggered a shift in the world market for coal.

After all, the world is consuming more and more energy every year.

As IEA Executive Director, Maria van der Hoeven, recently stated: “We have heard many pledges and policies aimed at mitigating climate change, but over the next five years they will mostly fail to arrest the growth in coal demand.”

You see, here’s the thing.

Base load requirements that simply cannot be met by renewable sources such as solar, wind or wave power.

That’s important for investors to take note of. Case in point: Clean Coal Technologies (OTCMKTS:CCTC), a company that is focused on upgrading and improving the efficiency of low-rank coals, has seen its share price gain 723 percent over the past year, and is now trading at $0.84.

If you want to profit from the coal price and the coal stocks that will be impacted as coal powers more and more of the world, then you can use this report to your advantage.

This FREE Special Report, Coal Price Forecast: Types of Coal, Coal Prices and Coal Stocks, is designed to help you …

  • Educate yourself on the upcoming catalysts that will drive the coal price
  • Consider insights from top experts in coal and coal companies
  • Understand what is happening with the growth of coal consumption and why
  • Evaluate the experts’ opinions and forecasts for yourself before making any moves
  • Gain expertise in supply and demand issues driving the coal price
  • Confidently make buying and selling decisions all year long, whenever you choose to act
  • Stand out from other investors who are ignoring the potential of this market

This 13-page report takes a detailed look at the prospects for coal prices for the next 12 months – and beyond.

  • So if want to invest in the energy sector, but don’t think it is the time to get into oil and gas, uranium or renewables …
  • If you like looking at investments that the majority of investors haven’t thought about …
  • Even if you already own coal stocks but want to get an update on what will impact those coal companies and the coal price they depend upon …
  • And much, much more

In this report, you’ll also discover …

  • Why since January, the Dow Jones US Coal index (INDEXDJX:DJUSCL) is down 81 percent.
  • Why larger coal mining companies such as Alpha Natural Resources (OTCMKTS:ANRZQ), Walter Energy (OTCMKTS:WLTGQ) and Patriot Coal have also filed for bankruptcy protection this year
  • Meanwhile, Peabody Energy (NYSE:BTU) and Arch Coal (NYSE:ACI) have respectively seen their share prices fall by 138 and 182 percent over the past year…
  • And much, much more

We’re pleased to make this report available to you and hope you’ll take fully-benefit from the expertise it delivers.

To our collective success,

Nick Smith
Publisher & CEO
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