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Is there money to be made in Cleantech?

Dear Investor,

Lots of investors look at Google, Apple and Tesla as good investments.

But where are these companies investing?

You guessed it – they’re invested in cleantech.

In June 2015, Google announced an investment to convert a coal-fired power plant into a data center completely powered by renewable energy. Apple has partnered with First Solar to create a 130 megawatt facility. And the Tesla backers have closed a $400 million fund to invest in cleantech and socially beneficial companies.

Investing in cleantech is not just a trend in the tech industry.

Goldman Sachs is investing $500 million into cleantech companies. And the US Department of Energy has a Clean Energy Investment Initiative that is working towards $2 billion in investments. And many billions more are being pumped into cleantech every year.

We’re pleased to make this report on cleantech investing available to you and expect you benefit greatly from the expertise it delivers.

To our collective success,

Nick Smith

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