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The Extraordinary Future Conference took place recently in Vancouver in front of thousands of attendees. Over 100 leading public and private tech companies were present and over 40 keynote speakers with expert insight on the evolving tech industry. The Investing News Network (INN) was there at XFuture and summarized key lectures on tech investing and market forecasts into digestible articles. Read this and exclusive interviews with industry heavy-weights for FREE in our free XFuture conference report.

Table of Contents

  • VIDEO — Ryan Irvine: 4 Top Small-cap Tech Stock Picks
  • VIDEO — James Black: The CSE is Canada's Fastest-growing Exchange
  • Panelists: Esports Industry Attracting Greater Visibility
  • VIDEO — Guy Halford-Thompson: Esports Viewing to Become Mainstream
  • Codie Sanchez: Public Valuations Impact the Private Sector
  • VIDEO — Simon Cheng: iBank's Road to Blockchain-based Rewards
  • VIDEO — Charlie Glavin: Boardwalktech's Revenue Up Since IPO
  • Joel Stein: Privacy Needs to be Solved on a Societal Level
  • VIDEO — Robert Delamar: Using Commercial WiFi to Detect Mass Weapons
  • VIDEO — Thomas Beattie: Voleo's User Base Has Doubled in 3 Months
  • VIDEO — Hamed Shahbazi: Tech Lags in Canadian Healthcare
  • VIDEO — Stephen De Jong: Creating a 3D-modeled Pitch

Dear Tech Investor,

The tech market has grown to phenomenal heights with market values in the trillions. With rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, digital automation, electric vehicles and alternative energy, the tech industry has captivated the attention of producers and investors across the globe.

This year XFuture held its annual conference in Vancouver where international leaders in the tech industry took the stage and offered analysis of the tech market, forecasts for the future, and trends to watch. Thousands joined live in the audience, but for those who couldn't make it– INN has you covered!

INN compiled articles summarizing key lectures from the event, along with exclusive interviews with tech leaders. Get your FREE outlook report now by clicking below!

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What you've read above is just a small snippet of the content we have available within our report on the XFuture conference. On top of expert insights and pricing analysis, we've found high quality tech stocks that every investor should be keenly aware of.

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Who We Are

Investing News Network is a growing network of authoritative publications delivering independent, unbiased news and education for investors. We deliver knowledgeable, carefully curated coverage of a variety of markets including gold, silver, copper and many others. This means you read nothing but the best from the entire world of investing advice, and never have to waste your valuable time doing hours, days or weeks of research yourself.

At the same time, not a single word of the content we choose for you is paid for by any company or investment advisor: We choose our content based solely on its informational and educational value to you, the investor.

So if you are looking for a way to diversify your portfolio, tech investing might be on your radar.

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Thank you for hearing me out on this special report, and for your interest in the Investing News Network. Join me soon as a confident tech investor!

Yours for financial self-reliance,

Nick Smith



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