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During the final quarter of the 2019 year, the Investing News Network was present at the Mines and Money London conference. This internationally renowned conference on resource and mining investment had over 2,000 senior level executives and dozens of keynote speakers. Learn about the exciting future for popular resources like gold, silver, palladium, battery metals, and more! Read our FREE conference report from the Mines and Money London 2019 event now!

Table of Contents

  • Exploration Outlook, ESG and More: Mines and Money London, Day 1
  • Gold M&A, Financing and More: Mines and Money London, Day 2
  • Mining's Bad Reputation and More: Mines and Money London, Day 3
  • Rick Rule: My Best (and Worst) Call of the Last Decade
  • Jayant Bhandari: Blood in the Streets Means the Best Value and Least Risk
  • Lawrence Roulston: The Smart Money in Mining is Positioning Right Now
  • Willem Middelkoop: Exploration Crisis is a Perfect Storm for Investors
  • Remi Piet: Robert Friedland is Just Playing His Cards Against Chile
  • Torsten Dennin: Gold Could Go as High as US$2,200 in the Near Term
  • Ronnie Stoeferle: The Party Has Just Begun for Gold
  • Alain Corbani: It's Not the Right Time for the Kirkland-Detour Deal
  • Denis Laviolette, GoldSpot Discoveries: Exploration Dollars More Precious Than Gold
  • Rodney Hooper: Absolutely Don't Buy into This Type of Lithium Company

Dear Resource Investor,

This year's Mines and Money London event is over, and for attendees it was a chance to hear from experts, meet with companies and learn about what's going on in the resource market. The Investing News Network spoke to dozens of industry experts to hear their forecasts, analysis, and opinions about evolving mining and resource market.

Rick Rule of Sprott offered his thoughts on what investors should be on the lookout for to indicate that there's a big discovery on the way. "The first sign is people," he said, explaining that in the resources industry there were some people who have been successful in either exploration or management (rarely both), and those were the ones to watch.

"I think it's critical to align yourself with the best people at any part of the value creation chain, but certainly, people's track record in discovery does not align conformably." What else did Rick Rule recommend to those interested in investing in the resource market? Read our FREE conference report for the 2019 Mines and Money London conference!

While speaking with the Investing News Network regarding commodities, Lawrence Roulston, who is managing director at WestBay Capital, said that while gold is the "focal point" of interest from investors, basically every commodity is seeing interest.

"These people that understand the market are looking at all of these commodities from a fundamental perspective — the prices are strong enough that the mines that are operating are making money … and projects are looking very attractive at the current metal prices."

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What's ahead for the Resource and Mining Market?

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