Gold and the Stock Bubble

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Archived – Gold and the Stock Bubble

Gold and the Stock Bubble

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Gold and the Stock Bubble


Did you miss the New Orleans Investment Conference this year? We run through some of the key themes in this overview, from bubbles to what the next hot commodity could be.



Table of Contents


  • Gold, Uranium and Bubbles Take Center Stage in New Orleans
  • Rick Rule: The Best Speculative Theme for the Next 18 Months
  • Mickey Fulp: It’s Been a Negative Year, but This Metal Stands Out
  • Lobo Tiggre: The Uranium Price Rise is Real
  • Nick Hodge: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet from Uranium
  • Gerardo Del Real: This is the “Buy Low” Part of “Buy Low, Sell High”
  • Doug Casey: There’s an “Excellent” Chance of a Panic into Gold
  • Brien Lundin: Investors are Looking for Reasons to Buy Gold — Not Sell It
  • Adrian Day: Gold Stocks are Priced Like They Were in 2001
  • Bill Murphy: Don’t Give Up — Gold is Headed for a Big Move Higher
  • Byron King: Mining Stocks Are on Sale Right Now — Here’s Why
  • Thom Calandra: Diversification in Commodities is a Great Thing
  • Matt Warder: Bullish on Oil, Bearish on Thermal Coal
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