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Is Bitcoin Better Than Gold?

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Traditionally, gold has been the favourite child when it comes to safe haven assets, but the rising popularity of bitcoin is hard to ignore–is it a better investment than gold?

Since January 1, the digital currency has increased substantially from $997.69, and has consistently reached record highs over the year. Case in point, bitcoin reached $7,458.79 on November 8 for the first time ever. Looking at how the gold price has performed in 2017, the story is a little more lackluster as it’s had some difficulty staying above the $1,300 mark for any length of time.

Of course, while the prices of both bitcoin and gold fluctuate–just like any commodity–there is certainly a strong case for investing in bitcoin over the more traditional safe haven asset–and we’ve got details to help better answer the question, “is bitcoin better than gold?”

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