Quantum Materials Corp Achieves Record Performance for Pure Red Cadmium-Free Quantum Dots

Quantrum Materials (OTCQB:QTMM) has announced it has achieved near 100 percent quantum yield efficiency for its pure red cadium-free quantum dots.

As quoted in the press release:

At this point, Quantum Materials Corp’s pure red (630nm) cadmium-free quantum dots offer the highest photon conversion efficiency in the industry — even when compared with quantum dots made by other manufacturers with cadmium, a material known for its toxicity. Of additional significance is that Quantum’s red Cd-free quantum dots are manufactured via the Company’s proprietary continuous-flow manufacturing process, assuring high uniformity through the high-volume production process. These red quantum dots are a perfect match for emerging improvements to established OLED technology — QD LED design for rich color and high resolution devices.

OLED displays have greater contrast ratio and overall better color rendition than LCD. In contrast to transmissive (light converting) LCD displays, OLED screens are emissive, meaning that each individual pixel is its own color light source. OLED displays offers significant power efficiency as well as design flexibility — displays are much thinner without the need for a backlight, and also offer faster response times, with OLED’s theoretically able to achieve a 0.01 millisecond response time versus 1 millisecond for modern LCD screens. Also, a true QD-LED could produce displays with up to 1000 pixels per inch resolution to meet information densities that approach real vision experience. Quantum Dots can be easily integrated into the existing photo resist film layer and Quantum Materials Corp is working with film partners who are experts in this field to expand Quantum’s sales across the display market.

“We are excited to drive cadmium-free quantum dots as a phosphor replacement in OLED displays, in concordance with Apple’s recent announcement regarding their integration of quantum dot and OLED technologies into QD-LED for future iPhone displays. Our materials are the foundation for accelerating development of QD-LED displays and making them a reality for mobile devices. QD-LED display form factors are more desirable for mobile devices and quantum dots as a phosphor replacement will radically improve color performance and energy efficiency over current OLED technology,” said Toshi Ando, Quantum Materials Corp Senior Director of Business Development.

Click here to read the full press release.

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