Dais Delivers First Environmental Navigator™ System

Dais Analytic (OTCQB:DLYT) has announced that it has delivered its first Environmental Navigator System in China as well as signed up for its first in-country distributor that has begun selling the product.

As quoted in the press release:

The Environmental Navigator significantly improves Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by providing fresh, filtered air with less airborne particles in the indoor space. The Environmental Navigator uses Dais’s award-winning ConsERV™ Energy Recovery Ventilator technology to precondition this fresh air, delivering up to 70% energy savings managing ventilation air and in many situations the ability to downsize the HVAC plant size by up to 1/3rd. This is in stark contrast to other less effective customer ventilation products. A proprietary sensor and software monitoring package tracks particulate matter and CO2 levels in the building to ensure healthy and proper operation.

ConsERV is a proven technology with 15 years of commercial experience that uses the building’s exhaust air stream to precondition the fresh outdoor air. In the summer, this means the stale exhaust air cools and dehumidifies the hot, humid fresh air, while the cold, dry outside air in winter is warmed and humidified. This minimizes the cost associated with bringing fresh air into a building.

The addition of the proprietary sensor and software monitoring allows the end-user to actively track and mitigate the presence of outdoor air contaminants in the living space while lowering indoor air pollution such as the buildup of CO2 and volatile organic compounds (VOC). The system was developed based on end-user requests for a multi-functional product dealing with extreme outdoor contaminated air levels found in certain areas such as China, India, and other countries in Asia.

“The Environmental Navigator gives users the ability to control the level of fresh air ventilation in their work or living space and directly see the improvement in their IAQ levels,” commented Tim Tangredi, Dais’s CEO. “This is particularly helpful in places that suffer from poor IAQ, such as the metropolitan areas of China.”

Click here to read the full press release.

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